Three days in Prague

First things first: if you’re in no way interested in looking at a million pictures of Prague, YOU SHALL NOT PASS. If this is the case, there’s nothing in this post for you.

If you want to see a million pictures of Prague, today is your lucky day!

Prague 009

Prague 001

Prague 010

Prague 015

Prague 011

Prague 016

Prague 008Prague 017Prague 018Prague 020Prague 021Prague 022Prague 028Prague 031Prague 032Prague 033Prague 035Prague 036Prague 037Prague 041Prague 044Prague 046Prague 047Prague 051Prague 052Prague 053Prague 061Prague 062Prague 064Prague 065Prague 068emdawginpraguePrague 071Prague 072Prague 076emdawgonstairsinpraguePrague 089Prague 091Prague 092Prague 093emdawgwithguardinpraguePrague 094Prague 095Prague 096Prague 097Prague 098Prague 099Prague 100Prague 101Prague 104Prague 106Prague 108Prague 109Prague 110

Though we only technically had one full day in Prague, I’m going to count it as three days because we had plenty of time to explore on the day we arrived and the day we left. I feel as though we fit enough in without stressing ourselves out, as a holiday is about relaxation as well as activity. I could have happily spent a few more days, or a week, or perhaps the rest of my life there, continuing to roam the streets happily, stopping off occasionally for a beer, or to eat some delicious food. The food was exactly what you would want after walking around in the cold. On the first night we ate at the Trilobite Restaurant, a very trendy but equally unpretentious place in a subterranean but warm and cosy setting. The waitresses were incredibly friendly, and also very patient and helpful while Becci and I struggled with the difficult decisions of what to eat or drink. I settled for a Pilsner, and roast duck with red cabbage and 2 kinds of dumplings. I was not prepared for how much I was going to love these dumplings. They were nothing like anything I’ve really eaten before, and I’m now faced with the following options: a) move to the Czech Republic and eat them every day, b) accept that they were a holiday fling and that if I love them, I have to let them go or c) try my best to make them myself. The answer is probably c. I looked at some recipes and it seems that you make a mixture of chopped bread and eggs, then put it in a pan of boiling water?! Only time will tell.

Prague is architecturally stunning. So many of the buildings were incredibly grand and ornate, as well as being very colourful. We went on a one hour bus trip, which took us through the city, and then on a river cruise (with coffee and cake included, oh yeah!). The views across the river were absolutely gorgeous. As you can probably tell by the pictures, I spent a lot of time gazing up into the sky. As a country girl I’m quite used to looking up and seeing nothing but sky, so I always find it quite cool that in a big city you can look up to the heavens and the sky will be framed with the tops of buildings.

Prague Castle was really, truly beautiful, but was also the busiest place in the history of the world, ever. (True story… maybe.) In my head I always feel as though I am not a tourist, so I stand and look at huge crowds and think, ‘Pshh, tourists’, before reminding myself that I’m doing exactly the same thing. Despite being enough of a grown-up to acknowledge this, I was not going to stand in what looked like an hour-long queue to get into each building. Just looking at the queues made me want to literally cry. I still wandered around the grounds, took some pictures, bought some tourist tat, and thoroughly enjoyed myself nonetheless.

Before getting a taxi to the airport on Friday, we hung out at a Staropramen Potrefená husa bar, and tried a Staropramen cool lemon which was absolutely amazing. Another thing that I will be gutted if I can’t find in England. I love a good lager, and so I loved the beer drinking tradition in Prague. I’m not usually one for drinking in the daytime, but for some reason sitting down with a beer outside a bar at 11.15 just seemed so normal and acceptable. I ended up with a load of coins left in my purse and was so confused by the currency I ended up leaving it all in tips, and I honestly have no idea whether I left a brilliant tip or an awful tip.

Now I’m going to be dramatic and you’re probably going to think I’m over exaggerating, but I’m really not. In the taxi on the way to the airport we very narrowly missed being in a huge catastrophic car crash. I’m not even joking. When I describe it, it sounds like nothing, so I guess the only people who will understand how terrifying it really was are Becci and the taxi driver. Basically the taxi driver turned left out of a junction and must have completely misread the oncoming traffic, and essentially avoided colliding with a tram by what felt like a millisecond. When he swerved to get out of the way of the tram, the back end of the car spun out of control and nearly spun into the railings, where it might have gone through them and off the bridge. Neither of these outcomes happened, obviously, hence why I’m here writing this, but we were less than a second from either fate. All sarcasm and drama aside, although technically nothing happened, it feels incredibly weird to know that there could be another version of events in which the taxi driver faltered for one more second and hit the tram, or span off the bridge and into the river. After he straightened up and carried on driving I spotted two cars on the other side of the road who had obviously had a bit of a fender bender. My first thought was ‘oh dear, that looks bad’ and my second thought was ‘if we’d hit that tram we would have looked a million times worse’. This little experience did not in any way ruin my holiday, but it did leave me feeling a little shaken up and nervous. Thankfully the flight was stress-free, except for some crying children. On a lighter note, on the way to the airport we drove through (I think) Prague 6, and saw some amazing houses that did not actually look real. It looked like a model village or a doll’s house.

Enough of my moaning now. How have you all been?

13 thoughts on “Three days in Prague

  1. Oh Emily! These photos are wonderful. They bring a flood of memories back of my trip to Prague when i was smaller (read: around 15). Before I begin, how do you get your blog to snow?
    I love the sky in the first one. Blue skies get all the credit, but stormy skies are often the most beautiful. They hold so much potential and uncertainty. The Christmas market and the expression on that guard next to you in the picture, he’s too funny!
    I also say option C about the dumplings. I had the best pierogi of my life in either Prague or Poland and I’ve never been able to find them in the US like that.
    I’m glad you’re okay after that near collision! The trams there can be quite….impulsive? moody? In any event, they move to where they’re going without thought for much else (which they couldn’t well have, being trams), so glad you’re safe.
    Did you see the house/building up near the castle that had the amazing siding?
    I don’t know what it’s called, but I hope you saw it

    • Hey! To get your blog to snow go onto your settings, under general settings at the bottom there should be a little box to tick. It will stay up until January 4th unless you go back to change it.

      Haha I loved getting my picture taken with the guard! His face in the photo is pretty funny. I’m definitely going to try making my own dumplings. I’ve never had a pierogi, perhaps I should head to Poland to try one? :)

      I think some of the fault for the little incident laid with the taxi driver, although the traffic in general seemed to be pretty mental, and of course trams do just keep going whatever happens.

      I think I saw that building! All the architecture was just so intricate and interesting!

    • Thanks, I take that as quite the compliment :) I try not to act too touristy while I’m abroad, as I think typical rude tourist traits (talking to the locals as though they are stupid, pushing and shoving your way around, taking pictures of people rather than things) will make my country seem bad, if that makes any sense.

  2. Ahh, lovely photos. I’m always appreciative of the inclusion of food photos too!

    Sorry to hear about your near miss. They’re frightening. I’m really careful about trams over here because they approach so quickly. I can totally understand how people can miss them approaching.

  3. Oh wow Emily I’m so jealous right now!
    Prague looks like the most beautiful place – the architecture is definitely superb.
    I love your photos, they are so expressive, you really captured the feeling of the place.
    That market looks lovely – I adore Christmas markets but I’ve never been to a genuinely traditional one. The food all sounds really good too!
    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself despite your near miss, which sounds absolutely terrifying!
    Really glad you’re safe and the only outcome was you feeling a bit shaken, it’s always scary to think of what could have been in those situations!
    But this looks and sounds like a really wonderful holiday, I’ve now added Prague to the list of places I’d like to visit in the next few years :-)

    • It really is a gorgeous place. Definitely worth a visit! I’d never been to a Christmas market before, and I’m not sure why I chose to go abroad to see my first one considering the ones we have in England are meant to be really good.

  4. Those photos are stunning. Prague is somewhere that I’ve always wanted to visit and I think it’s definitely the next place on my list.
    That near-miss sounds terrifying! I guess it’s better not to think too much about it, but just be glad that nothing happened.

  5. I love the expression of the royal guard in that photo! Classic.
    It would have been a little creepy if I thought otherwise.
    I love how it looks so … gorgeously grim. The lack of sunlight makes it so sophisticated and mysterious and the buildings seem to be towering over everyone. It looks like you had a beautiful holiday!

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