I Love Tights

A very inspired title, I know.


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A good pair of tights really are a winter staple for me. In fact, if I could get away with wearing them all year round, I probably would. In fact, I took a pair of tights with me when I went on holiday to Italy in the middle of August. Just in case I needed them, you know, in the stifling heat. And let me tell you, had the temperature dropped for even a minute I would have pulled them on under my summer dress, quick as a flash. I always think they add something to an outfit that can’t be achieved with bare legs. I love the way my legs look in thick, matte black tights. I love a pair of bright red tights can transform a boring, slobby outfit into something that I will get complimented on. I love to pull on a pair of thick, wooly, ribbed tights in the winter, and head out for the day just as warm as if I were wearing trousers, but infinitely more comfortable.

Tights y/n? I get the feeling they’re one of those things that completely polarises people: either you’re like me and could live in them, or you can’t comprehend why anybody would ever want to pour themselves into a pair. I’ve heard them being referred to as ‘FAF bags’, as in ‘Fanny, Arse and Feet bags.’

17 thoughts on “I Love Tights

  1. I love tights too, very practical and smart to funky and fresh. I agree that the thick black opaque tights are the best/staple but from the pics, I like the clear ones with black hearts – so cute.

  2. omg, a fellow tights lover!! hooray! i am wearing tights today at work! they totally tie together ANY outfit. a definite winter wardrobe staple. :)

  3. YESSSSSSSSS!!! finally i dont feel like such a hosiery whore! i KNEW i wasnt alone!!!
    i actually have a “tights drawer” i have so many…..
    love love love
    tights are the best :-)

    • Omg hahaha a hosiery whore! If you’re one, I’m definitely one as well. I have a tights drawer that has actually displaced all my other underwear, so they are now homeless.

  4. I love/hate tights. Sometimes we get along, and they are fabulous, and other times I find them uncomfortable. I have an amazing lime green pair that I love to wear with black/gray dresses for some crazy extra color.

  5. I totally agree, I love tights! I very very rarely wear trousers, so tights are my best friend! I’m also a leggings fan – but only if I’m wearing boots and a dress.

  6. “I barely wear trousers at all lately” <– I wish I could say that… what with being a man, you know. We MUST wear trousers everyday whether we like it or not.

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