let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

letitsnow 001

letitsnow 002

letitsnow 003

letitsnow 004

letitsnow 005

letitsnow 006

letitsnow 007

letitsnow 008

letitsnow 009

letitsnow 010

letitsnow 011

letitsnow 012

I managed to get a few pictures in the glorious moments before the snow inevitably turned to slush. Half of my brain is saying yay snow! pretty snow! yay sledging! yay Christmas! while the other half is pondering the flight I’m supposed to be getting on Wednesday and whether this snow will prevent that from happening. Also, more importantly, does my travel insurance cover that? I’m so skint at the moment that the idea of not being able to go on a holiday that I paid good money for makes me feel a bit ill. Not to worry though. The snow is so pretty! It’s at times like this that I’m glad I’m still at home, with the opportunity to gaze out over the gorgeous snow covered hills.

Who else has snow?! Let me see your snow!

8 thoughts on “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

  1. okay so either I’m going mad, or you have snow falling down your blog.
    also, SO JEALOUS that you’re going to Prague when I’m stuck at uni still :'(

    • Haha, you’re not going mad, it is! It’s a silly little thing you can do on wordpress. It stays up until January 4th but I might have to take it off before then because it makes my eyes funny if I look at it for too long.
      Arghh don’t weep! Think about when you’re finished and you can go on all sorts of epic trips! How is the dissertation going? When’s your hand-in date?

  2. snow ON SNOW!!!! i love it. i actually felt abit harry potter-esque there when i thought the actual picture was moving. hahahahaha. its been a LONG day :-p

  3. I am so absolutely jealous Emily! London hasn’t any snow and it doesn’t look like we will, shame, too.
    Everything is so lovingly bedecked with greenery and holiday cheer, but there is that certain lack of white stuff that is the missing piece to my Christmas puzzle.

    • Yeah I know, I rang my friend who used to live up here and moved down to London, and she said it had actually been quite sunny and warm lol. I’ve never been to London around Christmas time, I bet everything looks fantastic :) I hope you get some snow, though I have heard that the public transport tends to grind to a halt at the first sign of snow, hmmm

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