Lazy Sunday Snapshots

This Sunday has been beautifully lazy. All I had achieved by 4pm was eating two meals, waving Rich off, watching two episodes of Pan Am, and changing my outfit about four times. Here are a few pictures of what I’ve been doing/wearing/eating lately.

lazysundaysnapshots 003

lazysundaysnapshots 005

lazysundaysnapshots 021

lazysundaysnapshots 020

lazysundaysnapshots 023

lazysundaysnapshots 025

lazysundaysnapshots 028

Banana, almonds, cashews and a dark chocolate Kit Kat / Passport, travel insurance & four thousand Czech crowns, all ready for Prague ON WEDNESDAY! / Rocky Road… for breakfast / My amazing feet. The boots are from Peacocks, a complete bargain at £13 as they were half price. The fur trim socks were about £4 from Matalan, and I honestly think they’re one of the most genius inventions. Apologies for the awful photo, turns out it’s quite tricky to take a photo of your own feet  / I made this amazing pea soup and it was just what the doctor ordered on a day like today / Everything I own at the moment seems to be yellow… including my car / I don’t think I’ve ever shared a picture of these bad boys on my blog, possibly for fear of being relentlessly mocked. These are my bears. The polar bear came from WWF & the grizzly came from John West tuna.

What did you do/wear/eat this week? How was your Sunday?

5 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Snapshots

  1. So jealous about your trip to Prague!!
    I hope you have an absolutely AMAZING time and take heaps of photos for us :-)
    Love your boots, especially the fur, and I also love your bag.
    And those bears are so adorable!
    I had a lovely Sunday with my family and baked mince pies which has made me feel rather Christmassy :-)

  2. furry socks + boots = winter must
    I have had a crazy busy weekend, trying to brave the crowds and attempt some xmas shopping… if im honest, i just like surrounding myself in the buzz of the festive town atmosphere. YES i get very annoyed and anxious about the crowds of people (im a pusher, as in “watch out shoppers, my elbows are out and im prepared to barge!!!”)
    Prague will be amazing, you lucky thing you :-)

    • Thankfully I haven’t had to face any sort of crowds so far, as I’m hoping to get the majority of my shopping done on the markets in Prague! You sound like you know just how to deal with the influx of people though, haha.

  3. Ooo, your soup came out pretty! I wish I had some right now, but nope, used up all those leftovers. Those bears are adorable! Awww. Did some shopping this weekend, but no spectular dos/wears otherwise.

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