Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good girl this year. I started this blog. I got published for the first time. I was in a play. I graduated with a 2:1. I planned my life.

Here’s a couple of things I would like. I don’t ask for much.

~ Haruki Murakami books.


~ A Kindle. It took so, so little to knock me off my anti-Kindle perch.

~ A job and a house, please.

~ All the dresses I saw in the costume gallery in Palazzo Pitti, Florence.


(click image for source)

~ Another fantastic Christmas dinner like last year.


Scallops with pancetta and minted pea puree, Christmas dinner with roast duck and roasted garlic mashed potato, red wine poached pears, Chambord champagne and sloe gin & tonic

~ A trip to Berlin.

~ A party with all of my friends and my boyfriend. I don’t see any of them nearly enough. I haven’t adapted to not seeing my uni housemates every day, and I don’t even get to see the friends who live in the same area as me very often.

~ A bottle of Absolut mandarin to drink at said party. I promise I’ll share.


~ All of the jewellery from this post.

~ A sum of approximately £9,000 to fund an MA. Come on, mysterious benefactor, I know you’re out there somewhere.

  • Is it way too early for a Christmas themed post? What are your opinions on when the festive season should officially start?
  • What’s on your list for Santa?
  • What do you usually eat for Christmas dinner? (We have turkey most years, the duck was a very tasty anomaly.)

16 thoughts on “Dear Santa,

  1. My Kindle is on the way this Christmas! Free books baby! Can’t wait. I start Christmas posting the week before. Dinner? Fish, shrimp or lobster…and tons of wine!but that Absolute Mandarin looks yummy. I want those dresses too. If you get them for me, I’ll get them for you ok? :)

    • Since I wrote this post (a while ago) I convinced my parents that buying me a Kindle for Christmas was a great idea and I’ve already got it. Oops! I was going to put it back in the box and wrap it up but I downloaded some 99p books and now I’m addicted!
      Ooh, I’ve never thought of having any kind of seafood for Christmas dinner. Sounds lovely! And the wine of course, though Absolut mandarin would be a good stand-in when the wine runs out.
      Ok deal… this would mean we’d have to go to Florence, go to the Palazzo Pitti and somehow steal the dresses while the security guards watch us with their hawk eyes. This sounds reasonable, right?

  2. This is great list. But I’m still not asking for a Kindle this Christmas, I actually did a bunch of research for a post I never published about Kindle vs. actual books. In the end I decided I just need a library card and nothing more. Unfortunately the post is like 4,000 words so I opted to never publish it. maybe I will one day though…

    I’m willing to help swipe those dresses if I can have the seafoam one on the left! :)

    On Christmas Eve, we always have the traditional (Italian) 7 fish meal, with tons of seafood, more like 12 different kinds of fish, not 7! It’s delicious.

    • You should publish it! I’d be interested in reading it :) I would agree about just needing a library card, but unfortunately a lot of libraries in the UK are closing due to lack of funding. I fully intend to continue reading real books made out of paper and all that good stuff, it’s just that a Kindle is so convenient for travelling, and moments when you just NEED that new book right now, and it’s 4 in the morning and there’s no chance you can get to a bookshop.

      You can indeed have that one, if you help me break in and somehow stop me from getting arrested! ;)

      Oh wow, that sounds incredible.

  3. I want the middle orange dress. And more Murakami books. And a bottle of that vodka–but not to share :D Bought citrus smirnoff in the hopes of finding a cheaper substitute. It was not at all the same thing.

  4. It’s definitely not too early for a Christmas post – in my opinion you’re allowed to be Christmassy from the start of December!
    I’m so excited about getting a Kindle now that you have yours :-)
    That Christmas dinner looks amazing – is it at home or at a restaurant?
    A trip to Berlin would be amazing!
    We eat our special Christmas meal on Christmas Eve in the traditional French way and then eat lovely party food nibbles on Christmas Day :-)

    • Yeah it definitely seems that everyone else is getting into the Christmas spirit so I think I’m safe! Ahh you’re gonna love your Kindle :)
      It was at home! My dad and my little sister both fancy themselves as amateur chefs lol. A trip to Berlin would be great, but I suppose I can settle for Prague instead!
      Ooh that sounds lovely :)

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