‘Sod the to-do list, I want to make some chai tea’

There’s always something better to be doing than what you’re meant to be doing, right? So the other day, when I had a variety of things that needed tidying, writing, organising, and booking, I suddenly thought ‘I want to make some chai tea’.

So make chai tea is what I did.

chaitea 001

chaitea 009chaitea 011chaitea 008

I vaguely followed this recipe. Make some! It is amazing. I had some both hot and cold, and with and without milk.

What’s your cold weather drink du jour? I choose this, or mulled wine. The sloe gin may have to come out soon.

Am I a bit too obsessed with winter? I think I might be. My enthusiasm waned slightly today while waiting for a bus in the torrential rain.

5 thoughts on “‘Sod the to-do list, I want to make some chai tea’

  1. Oh gosh, JEALOUS. Normally to satisfy my chai craving I pay a visit to Tchai Ovna (which I heartily recommend should you ever visit Glasgow), but now I’m tempted to make it! Twining’s Chai teabags are so… disappointing. I inspected the box, and it’s just tea, cinnamon and ginger. I think it’s the cardamom that makes all the difference.

    Maybe I’ll make it as a non-alcoholic end-of-dissertation celebration, and save the wine-soaked dance party for after essays are due the next day.

    • Should I ever visit Glasgow I will bear that in mind! :) I just googled it and it looks freaking amazing. Tea, cinnamon + ginger just won’t cut it. I used star anise, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon sticks so it had a really nice, quite complex flavour.

      I say make it now! It took me barely any time at all to make, and most of the effort involved is just steeping it, during which I sat and read a book. It will help you through your dissertation. Then you can make mulled wine, get drunk and be merry!

      • I’ll do it! I’ll pop off to Morrisons tomorrow for ingredients, even though it pains me to give money to a company that doesn’t know how to use an apostrophe.
        No mulled wine though. I’d rather not spoil it :D

  2. Ginger tea! Perfect for everything as it just blows your throat into war-zone with all that spice. When I procrastinate … I read blogs, get multiple glasses of water from the kitchen and put on hand cream.
    It makes me feel so productive.

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