Second Hand Wonders

I was just going to show you the amazing little creature I picked up from Scope in Hull the other day, but then I decided to showcase a variety of beauties and trinkets I’ve acquired second-hand over the years.

I’ll start with the turtle. He’s a bit wonky, a bit dirty, and I can’t quite figure out what you’re meant to keep inside him, but I love him. I have him earmarked for something amazing that, unfortunately, does not involve living in my bedroom. I need to polish him and package him up for his trip into the big wide world. I thought this collage of photos made it look as though he was crawling about the place. It really amused me. Don’t ask about the inner workings of my brain.

2011-11-17 secondhandwonders

I can’t remember where I picked up this little leaf-shaped dish but it’s been a permanent fixture on all of my bedside tables for the past few years, holding all variety of things. The Russian doll pin came from a market stall in Sheffield. I sometimes forget that it’s shaped like a leaf and isn’t just a plain glass dish, and when I realise I get amazed all over again because it’s really very pretty up close. More bang for your buck, one might say.

secondhandwonders 012

When I bought this cup, it had a strange musty charity shop smell, and I didn’t fancy putting it through the dishwasher, so rather than use it for its actual purpose I put things in it and kept it on my bedside table. Do we notice a pattern emerging here? I’m a ridiculously cluttered person.

secondhandwonders 014

This necklace was FIFTY PENCE FROM A CHARITY SHOP, something I have often felt the need to shout in people’s faces when they ask about it. I imagine this is highly irritating, but I really do love to share that information. Especially after my friend asked if it was Topshop, and said that if she had seen it there she would be willing to pay up to £15 for it! The only drawback is that it has a really unusual clasp which is an endless source of puzzlement while I’m drunk.

secondhandwonders 017

Do you have any amazing charity shop finds? I often find some pretty awesome clothes, which I may make another post about!

3 thoughts on “Second Hand Wonders

  1. oh i looooove chairty shop finds. im really bad tho, cos im lazy and often chose to just go somewhere where i KNOW theres stuff i like, rather than having a rummage, but im getting better. My mum has a vintage shop and does fairs all around teh country so its kindof inbuilt to look for the quirkier, more original pieces. theres nothing like having an amazing piece of clothing/jewellery and knowing that it cost next to nothing and nobody else can get the exact same thing on the high street. WINNER!!!

    • Oooh your mum owns a vintage shop? That’s amaze, whereabouts is this shop? Yeah it’s such a great feeling knowing you got a bargain and nobody else will turn up wearing the same thing. One time a girl stopped me in the street to ask where my dress was from and I felt awful telling her it was vintage haha.

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