Winter Food

Tis the season to feast on soups and stews, drink tea and eat cake. Anything warm and comforting is welcome in my life at the moment. This is a variety of things I’ve eaten over the past week.

foodphotog 006

winterfood 001

Sometimes these kinds of food aren’t the most attractive to photograph. On the left is salad, bread, ratatouille, mashed sweet potato, and creme fraiche. On the right is tomato & butterbean soup with Israeli couscous mixed in, and bread with pate.

winterfood 005winterfood 006

Meatballs and chorizo in a tomato, pepper, onion and garlic sauce, served with Israeli couscous. Lemon drizzle cake and a cup of tea.

breaaakfast 009breaaakfast 001

Gingerbread coffee and a Kindle – perfect cold weather companions. Muffin, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, apple.

I have a confession to make: I make scrambled eggs in the microwave. I always have done. It takes barely any time at all and it’s so easy. My boyfriend thinks this is some kind of egg sacrilege and won’t allow me to make them for him, ever. He can’t poach eggs, though, and I can so I win. How do you make yours?

Tea or coffee?

Have you started eating wintery comfort food yet?


13 thoughts on “Winter Food

  1. Sounds like a cozy day. My mom also makes them in the microwave but for me it’s just to weird…I can’t do it. :)

    Jessica @

  2. Wow, making eggs in a microwave? I would’ve never thought it possible, but looking at your picture, they don’t look bad at all. I usually make my eggs scrambled or boiled. I have started eating my winter foods, which is mostly a lot of soup, I tried that new Campbell’s Harvest Orange Tomato and I love it, especially with a grilled cheese sandwich on the side. I also like Italian wedding soup and of course, plain old chicken noodle. Coffee is a must for me to be a productive human right after waking, but through out the day I drink 2 or more cups of tea, especially during the winter.

    • Yeah, it’s so simple! Just beat the eggs like you would normally, then microwave them in like 20 second intervals until they’re at your acceptable level of done. I admit they do taste that bit better when made properly and slowly in a pan, but I burn them every time I try haha. Mmm I love soup! I’m trying to get through the carrot & lentil soup I have in the freezer then I want to make some with split peas.

  3. official new foodie hero!!! please come and feed me all these tasty things, cos i can never seem to get the inclination to do it myself…
    As for winter foods, i cracked out the old heart-warming soup the other day, which was somewhat tricky in our rusty, 10year old staff microwave (which BTW has crusty food remains stuck to the walls) EEW..
    i found a chunk of something in my pumpkin soup that was decidedly dubious. i DO NOT think it was meant to be there, methinks it fell off the top of the microwave ceiling… back to pre-packed sandwiches i feel?! :-(

    • Aww thanks love! :D All of this is actually ridiculously easy to make. Except maybe the meatballs and chorizo but they were cooked by my dad haha.
      Omggg something dubious in your soup sounds unbelievably horrid! Maybe try warming it up in the morning and putting it in a Thermos? It might still be warm enough when you get round to eating it. Or put a cover on the bowl when you microwave it at work!

  4. I’m not a massive scrambled egg fan so I don’t make them any way :-P My boyfriend microwaves them like you though. And I love poached eggs but mine always fail so you can come make me some!
    All that warm, comforting food looks so wonderful for all of this cold weather. I love couscous with roasted and stewed veg and ratatouille is amazing!
    It’s definitely cake time of the year too, soon mince pie time (also known as Sophie-put-on-five-pounds-time!)
    Jealous of your kindle, I can’t wait to get mine!
    Have a great weekend :-)

    • :O Not a scrambled egg fan?! How peculiar. Poached eggs are probably my favourite too. The ones I make aren’t particularly pretty but they do the job! I don’t like mince pies. I wish I did because they’re everywhere at this time of year, and everyone goes on about how great they are. I feel like I’m missing out! Oh you’re going to love your Kindle when you get it, I’m obsessed with mine.
      You too! x

  5. I’ve definitely started indulging in wintery comfort foods lately! The cold weather calls for them. And I’m a huge fan of both coffee and tea but recently I’ve been drinking more tea. (:

    Everything looks delicious!

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