Reading I’m about halfway through The Bone People by Keri Hulme. I’m really enjoying it but it’s a slow read so on the side I’m dipping into Are We Nearly There Yet? by Ben Hatch and, er, The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Why I chose that last one is quite beyond me. Romance and soppiness has its time and place, but this is enough to rot your teeth.

Listening To There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the array of tunes I have been blasting lately as I search for jobs and lament my life.

Imogen Heap – Leave Me Here To Love / Kanye West – Hey Mama / Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats / The Small Faces – I Can’t Make It / Rebecca Ferguson – Nothing’s Real But Love / Taylor Swift – Picture To Burn

I guess the only thing they have in common is that I find them all quite uplifting. Who knew I had such a penchant for angry lady country singers?

Watching Lately my eyeballs are almost constantly glued to some kind of visual entertainment. Misfits is so amazing I can barely formulate the words to talk about it, and end up just saying ‘IT’S SOOO AMAZING’ which I imagine is rather annoying. I’m also a staunch defender of both How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, although I hear that common consensus is that nobody likes the new series. Then there’s Hollyoaks. Say what you will, it’s a guilty pleasure and I bleeding love it. Then on the dvd rotation are Green Wing, The IT Crowd, and Gavin & Stacey. I’m going to need a tv detox very soon, I can tell!

Eating & Drinking I’m on yet another ‘I’m gonna be sooo healthy!’ kick at the moment, so I’ve been eating a lot of proper healthy tingz. This includes a lot of pulses to stand in for the stodge I inevitably find myself craving at this time of year. Chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, Israeli couscous. As for drinking, lately I can’t get enough of Blue Moon wheat beer. My love affair with wheat beer began on my sister’s birthday when, goaded by her boyfriend, I tried a local brew from the Thornbridge Brewery. A few weeks later I spotted Hoegaarden on offer in Tesco, and ended up buying a ridiculous amount. I have now settled on Blue Moon as my current favourite – so much so that it’s currently 5pm and I could drink one right now. I won’t, for the sake of being a citizen of normal polite society, but it would be lovely. (Also, yes, it would appear that my definition of a health kick involves drinking copious amounts of 5% beer. That’s what happens when you’re brought up in a pub.)

Admiring Pictures of skies.




Looking Forward To Prague! Christmas markets, Czech lager, Franz Kafka. Boom!

4 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Nothing wrong with a good beer or two (at least, I sure hope not…). I can’t even watch the Notebook, so I think I’ll avoid picking that one up, sappy romance and I don’t get along so well.

    • Nothing wrong with a good beer, and this is very good beer ;)
      To be honest I HATED the film, I watched it with my two sister who both bawled their eyes out while I sat there wanting to hit my head against the wall. At least I borrowed the book from someone rather than pay for it. It’s an easy read, that’s the best I can say about it at the moment really!

    • Blueberry beer?! That sounds too good to be trueee. The only fruit beer I’ve tried was strawberry and it was wayyy too sweet for liking. Blueberry sounds like it would be awesome. Ha, yes, the classy moment at a meal where everyone orders wine and you order a beer ;)

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