Lazy Sunday Links

  • I liked this Jezebel post on how to have a healthy social life while in a LDR. This is something that I struggled with in my final year of uni, often feeling like I was neglecting either my boyfriend, or my friends. It’s something that I don’t think is discussed enough in the discourse about long distance relationships.
  • I’ve signed up to receive Notes From The Universe and I love them!
  • This Guardian article is very depressing, but a great read. ‘If you are young and unemployed, the work you are most likely to be offered will be located somewhere in the great unstable netherworld that defines an increasing share of the British economy: casual, part-time, agency-based, often based on self-employment and commission rather than a wage, devoid of prospects.’ THIS, THIS, THIS.
  • Breathe. Read this, learn to stop caring, and breathe.


2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Links

    • I’ve never really given much thought to how an LDR affects my social life, have you? I guess it’s easy to start thinking that speaking to and spending time with the lover is the most important thing, so I liked that this article reminded me I need to not neglect everyone else in my life. No problem :)

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