Cheese Scones & Fairy Cakes

I generally don’t bake. When people say things like ‘if cooking is an art, baking is a science’ I get scared and decide to cook instead. I’m arty, I’m creative! I can’t do science and I definitely can’t do maths. One time I tried to make this recipe and it was still liquid after being in the oven for about three hours. The mixture burnt before it set. I spent almost an entire week trying to wash the dish I had made it in.

However, one of my 30 before 30 goals is to learn how to bake on signature dish. Here it is in writing. It would seem that I like to set myself ridiculous challenges in the hope that over the next nine years I will become a successful, Masters degree possessing, jetsetting, student loan free lady who will turn up to your shindig carrying my signature dish. Then I will drive to the airport in my own car, hop on a plane to New Zealand, write my diary on the way there and my first novel on the way back.

That’s the dream, folks. Apparently.

Today I decided to start on the road to being such a person, and baked. I got out the trusty Be-Ro book and I made not only some cheese scones, but also some fairy cakes. I not only made normal cheese scones, but I made them with a mix of cheddar, gruyere and parmesan, and I glazed one with Marmite and studded one with green olives. I not only made regular iced fairy cakes but I made three varieties of flavoured icing: vanilla, cinnamon and coffee.

domesticgoddess 004

domesticgoddess 005

domesticgoddess 006

domesticgoddess 007

domesticgoddess 008

domesticgoddess 009

domesticgoddess 011

Then I covered them with ridiculous Christmas themed decorations. Because I’m a ridiculous person.

Have I found my signature dish? No, not really. Were they delicious? Yes, and they taste like accomplishment. Now let’s hope I don’t eat them all before my boyfriend arrives.

Both recipes come from the Be-Ro book. If you don’t own one you’re kind of missing out.

8 thoughts on “Cheese Scones & Fairy Cakes

  1. I love this, I really want to develop some signature dishes and bakes that make everyone say “Oh that’s one of Sophie’s”! I still need to find it though.
    Those cheese scones look really delicious, I haven’t had one of those in ages.
    Got to love ridiculous Christmas themed decorations :-)

    • Yes, that’s the same for me, I want to be able to say ‘Oh I’ll bring my chocolate brownies to your party’ and have people be like ‘Yay your chocolate brownies are awesome!’ for example. Your cheese straws look pretty damn good, they could be your signature dish!

  2. I’m no baker either. I’ve had my fair share of disasters, and while my non-disasters are GOOD, they’re never GREAT. And they’re rarely pretty. But cheese scones? That sounds like an effort worth perfecting. And those snowmen sprinkle-things are adorable.

  3. Your stuff has turned out really well! I bloody love the Be-Ro recipe book because it’s completely unpretentious. I just had a sneaky peek at their website and found this recipe that I used to make . I didn’t realise that it’s actually in the kids’ baking section of the book, but what evs. I think you’ve just inspired me!

    • Thanks! It’s unpretentious and kind of fool-proof, which is why I love it. Too many baking books nowadays are just full of fancy pictures and don’t actually give you much of a recipe. Nothing wrong with it being from the kid’s baking section. I’m glad I inspired you :)

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