Things I have learned over the past week

  • Sitting alone in a coffee shop reading a book may feel painfully pretentious, but it’s a great way to kill some time while your friends attend lectures and you’re cold and bored. Praline and cream latte from Costa + the Lonely Planet guide to Prague = a great way to spend 30 minutes of your time.
  • Reckless spending fills me with a lot more anxiety than it used to. I suppose this has something to do with knowing that my bank account will no longer be periodically replenished with an injection of government money, and that if I spend it all, I have to make more. Even a £20 cardigan caused me such an inner turmoil I had to walk around the shop three times, putting it down, picking it up, trying it on, holding it against myself in the mirror, stroking the wool, and eventually left the shop without it. I couldn’t even face Topshop because I knew the prices would give me a seizure, and I spent a grand total of £6 in Primark. I also realised that the most expensive parts of shopping trips sans parents are bus fares, Costa coffees, and Cooplands pasties.
  • Hangover + boredom = Emily breaking her magazine ban. I ended up buying Company and Glamour, on two different days. This made me realise that I haven’t missed them that much. I also read the Metro, the I, and the Ten Foot City magazine, all three of which were ultimately more fulfilling than reading yet more pointless sex, career and diet tips aimed at women in their late twenties who work in offices and live in London. Though I have to admit I only bought Company because I wanted to see the Project Take 10 feature, which was rather cool.
  • I must be getting old, because it would seem that drinking, sleeping in cold houses, congregating in cold germy places, and eating a steady diet of pie, pizza, burgers and cheesy chips has resulted in me coming down with a beast of a cold which practically knocked me out for most of Wednesday. I was meant to come home on Tuesday but instead I went to my boyfriend’s and basically slept for a whole day. I eventually made it home today but have crawled back into bed, having had a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea, and am soothing myself by catching up on blogs and watching trashy daytime telly.
  • The X Factor is only fun when you watch it with a group of friends.
  • Spending a day as a kind of tourist in the city where you used to live is fun, but disconcerting. I only remembered to take one picture, but I’m half tempted to write a Hull city guide for this blog, as I think there’s so much to do but always hear people (even people who live there) complaining that nothing ever happens.

hull 001


10 thoughts on “Things I have learned over the past week

    • I used to be able to wander around a shopping centre practically throwing money at shops and coming away with bags full of clothes that didn’t suit me and I would probably never wear. Now I can’t even spend £20 on a good quality cardigan that I would probably wear all winter! It’s a sign of getting old, I’m sure of it :(

  1. I’m joining the party here too; money gets me in SUCH a stupid pickle. I have a love-hate-relationship with it almost all the time, because of it.
    Best cold remedy is super strong ginger tea. And a side note of dully-colored cliche movies and soft blankets.
    And marketing magazines make me roar like a uber masculine man.
    I do not get along with them.

    • Anxiety about money is such a strange feeling, there’s nothing else like it.
      Ginger tea is a good shout!
      I do not get along with them either! It’s just the same claptrap, reworded, every month. It’s not even that all of the messages make me feel bad about myself, it’s more that they’re all so conflicting.

  2. ‘Yet more pointless sex, career and diet tips aimed at women in their late twenties who work in offices and live in London’
    Magazines make me so angry. So I thought, hmm, maybe I’ll try the university magazine. It’s written by students, not women in their late twenties in London making ‘engagement chicken’ because a man sums up their self-worth. (okay so this was in American Glamour, but it lets me make my point)… but it was the most pretentiously wanky thing I’ve ever read. So no more magazines for me :(

    • Engagement… chicken?! Haha please explain I don’t understand at all!
      Urgh, that’s a shame your uni magazine sucks. Ours was pretty good, if a bit cliquey, hence why I didn’t write anything for it. Students sure can be pretentious wankers. It’s a bummer there aren’t really any other (mainstream) options for those of us who choose to opt out of women’s mags. I used to read Psychologies but I’ve not picked up a copy for years so don’t know if it’s any good now, and it’s expensive. At least there’s plenty to read on the internet that doesn’t make me feel wholly inadequate as a human being :)

      • Mmm, engagement chicken was this recipe that apparently guaranteed that your ‘man’ (VOM) would propose in the near future. I nearly died inside.
        Our student newspaper is much better, so my hope in Glasgow student journalism is not lost, but I think all of those kind of things are pretty cliquey, aren’t they? :(

    • Hahaha wow engagement chicken sounds, errr, tasty? For some reason at first I thought of chicken the game, where you run across the road and try not to get hit by a car, and thought engagement chicken meant playing crazy mind games on your manfriend. This recipe sounds even worse! I’m probably never going to get proposed to on the basis of my ability to cook chicken, what a shame!

  3. I love sitting alone in a coffee shop with a specialty latte and a book!
    Maybe I’m just pretentious ;-)
    Since becoming a student I’ve started being ridiculously careful with my money, I spend ages weighing up every single purchase. I’m a nightmare to go shopping with!
    When I’m ill all I like to do is curl up in bed with extra blankets, some nice warm toast with melted butter, a trashy novel and my cat. I hope you’re feeling better!

    • I suppose it’s not actually pretentious, it’s just something normal people do, but I have this image in my head of really snobby people doing it haha! I don’t think you’re pretentious at all ;)
      Ahh I was the other way, being a student made me very stupid with money, because I knew that if I ran out of money, the next instalment of my loan was likely to be just around the corner. Whereas now if I spend all my money I have to start from scratch and earn some more. It’s tough being responsible and sensible! I’m the same when I go shopping, my boyfriend hates to shop with me because he can’t understand why I feel the need to walk around every shop 10 times before deciding whether to buy anything or not.
      Oooh trashy novels and buttery toast sound good! I feel a lot better now but that sounds perfect just for something to do on a cold evening haha :)

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