Polar bears!

I’ll be winging my way towards the city of dreams* as you read this. I’d just like to cheer up everyone’s weekend by sharing some adorable polar bear pictures I reblogged on Tumblr the other day.





If you’re not smiling right now, there’s something very wrong with you and I’m not sure I can be your friend anymore. Acceptable alternatives to smiling are jumping up and down, making an OMG IT’S SO CUTE face, or weeping because you just realised you can’t ever have a polar bear as a pet. It doesn’t get any easier. I’m going to end up as one of those people who tries to live with wild animals and gets eaten, aren’t I?

* Yes, that’s sarcasm. I love Hull and will defend it to the death, but it probably doesn’t deserve such a moniker. The city of fish and cheap booze, perhaps.

12 thoughts on “Polar bears!

  1. Haha, i LOVE those people… y’know, the ones who climb over electric enclosure fences in zoo’s cos the believe that they can “connect” with the lions. yeah. connect with their TEETH!!
    i respect the polars, the put up with a shed load of cold… so they earn kudos from me for that :-)

    • They are pretty funny, though obviously it’s a bit tragic when they inevitably get eaten by the animal. I watched a Louis Theroux documentary a while ago about crazy Americans who keep dangerous animals as pets, and there was one man who kept tigers and would literally wrestle with them. That takes some real bravery, or idiocy.
      Ha, it’s true!

  2. Oh I didn’t realise you were from Hull too! Gotta say, it’s got a certain charm but I don’t exactly want to spend the rest of my life there…

    • I’m not actually from there, I was at uni there for 3 years and recently graduated. I don’t want to spend my life there either, not least because of the lack of job opportunities, but I think it’s a really lively city with a lot of culture that goes unnoticed by the rest of the country.

  3. I’ve never been to Hull but whenever someone is rude about it I always think of the Alan Bennett’s line in The History Boys that it was good enough for Larkin…
    I work for an environmental charity and those polar bear ice cube makers would make the perfect, depressing gift!

    • Ha, exactly, good enough for Larkin! ;) It’s one of those cities that is so widely ignored/insulted that it’s no wonder it’s a bit run down. It’s also a place that you don’t ever go to unless you have to be there, as trains don’t pass through, so most people who slag it off have never actually been.
      They are quite ironically depressing… but still so very cute! I imagine they’d go down a treat with your colleagues!

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