Lost My Mojo

Even though I love autumn and winter, the change in weather always takes it toll on me emotionally. I feel sad for no reason and have to be vigilant about reminding myself that it’s just a seasonal thing and nothing is as bad as it seems, or else I worry that I would just climb into bed and not get out until next year. Job hunting in such miserable times is not a fun task, let me tell you. I’ve also lost my blogging mojo. I’m going on a little trip to Hull on Saturday until Tuesday, in order to see some beautiful faces I have not seen since I moved home, and paint the town red. I’m sure this will be just what I need to lift my spirits and relax me, so that when I come back I’ll be all ready to get up every morning, work, write, look for jobs, exercise and all the other things that have become so unappealing lately.

I leave you with pictures of some of the clothes I plan to wear. I haven’t been in what feels like forever, I think I’m more excited than I really should be. I promise I’ll be able to string words together by Tuesday. I might even have finished my book and be able to review it. I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!

2011-11-10 hulltripclothes

2011-11-10 hulltripclothes1


7 thoughts on “Lost My Mojo

  1. Well I’m sorry you’ve been struggling lately, I completely understand what you mean about the bad weather having a negative impact on you!
    I definitely feel less motivated when it’s horrible outside.
    But your trip back to Hull sounds wonderful and I’m sure it will cheer you up :-)
    Have a really fantastic time lovely!

    • The weather’s so miserable here at the moment! I quite like proper wintry weather because it’s bright and fresh and crisp outside, but at the moment it’s just damp and gloomy.
      Thanks love! I’m sure I’ll be back in full force when I return :) Hope you have a great weekend whatever you’re doing!

  2. Love the dresses. those are some good autumn colours :-)
    Winter always takes it out of me… im just NOT a cold weather person… but the nice thing is that we always know that despite this horrible cold/wet/grim couple of months, there is a shiny bright spingtime just waiting to flourish!
    man that sounds cheesy! have fun in hull and wear that t-shirt with pride!!!

    • Thanks! The polka dot one was one of my summer staples but I think with the addition of a cardigan and some leggings I can keep on wearing it! I can cope with cold weather once it starts being cold every day without fail, so then I know that I have to pile on the layers every morning, rather than risk being far too cold or far too warm. Haha it doesn’t sound cheesy! I love springtime, I used to get so excited as a kid when the snowdrops started appearing. I don’t actually own the t-shirt haha :)

  3. Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. I know how you feel though. The cold weather makes me want to escape my life, does that make sense? A weekend away, sounds perfect. I hope you enjoy your little retreat.

    • Yeah it makes sense, I know exactly what you mean! Thanks, I’m sure I will have a wonderful time and return to blogging with my former gusto, with lots of tales to share as well :)

  4. Sorry you have been struggling lately. Let me tell you though with that amazing polka dot dress you should be awesome. It is super cute. Love your style soooo much!

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