Lazy Sunday Links

+ I am incredibly amused by just how much of a typical white Brit I am, as evidenced by this list of Stuff White Brits Like. I can especially identify with being completely in love with Louis Theroux, having an ironic penchant for tacky souvenirs, and having a lame claim to fame. My favourite lame claim to fame is that I used to have Richard Whiteley’s autograph. On the other hand, all the London stuff sort of passes me by given that I don’t have any real affinity with the city, and I have never understood the appeal of a murder mystery party.

+ I loved this post on books which should only be read on a Kindle.

+ This is probably not very interesting to anyone other than me, but I have found out what the amazing pastry thing I ate in Naples is. It’s called a sfogliatelle (good job I didn’t attempt to pronounce that one and chose to point and gesture instead) and I found a recipe for it here. While I don’t think my baking skills are up to making something quite that delicate, but I really hope that someone reading this chooses to make some and then bring them all to me.


4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Links

  1. “…but I really hope that someone reading this chooses to make some and then bring them all to me.”
    By any chance, is this ‘someone’ supposed to be me?? :P

  2. 24. Regional accents:
    ‘Anyone with a regional accent will be idolised and patronised in equal measure.’
    No-one admires my scouseish! What a scarily accurate list, though.

    And any pastry that involves ‘half a cup of lard’ scares me, I don’t understand how lard and flaky light pastry go together. My mind begins to melt, and I go back to the safe haven of chocolate brownies.

    • Boooo to people not admiring your accent! People aren’t particularly enthused about mine either, especially Southerners who will stand in front of me and go ‘what? what? I can’t understand what you’re saying’ as though I’m honestly speaking a different language. It is worrying how accurate the list is! My heart sank a little bit every time I read another one that applied to me, though I guess it’s pretty funny.

      Yeah, the recipe looks pretty terrifying. Pastry scares me in general, especially anything flaky and pretty and delicate like that. I can’t even make brownies properly! I’m an incredibly useless baker.

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