Good Things 008

A lot of these are food. I love me some food. FEAST 003

newthings 013

chesterweekend 074

tralalala 001


1. An amazing feast I made for myself on an incredibly lazy afternoon. One wrap, half spread with broad bean, asparagus & mint hummus, the other with garlic & spring onion Philadelphia, celery, apple, banana, peanut butter. I also had a dark chocolate Kit Kat and some Rubicon watermelon juice on the side.

2. Wooly socks, fluffy slippers, space heater. Bring it on, winter, I’m ready for you.

3. While driving back from Chester, I forced Rich to stop at a services which wasn’t very far from his house in order to buy myself a gingerbread latte from Costa. Starbucks can do one. In my opinion, it’s all about Costa, and while I would rather it be all about the tiramisu latte, which has not yet appeared, I can settle for gingerbread.

4. After receiving an email from Chiquitos telling me about their amazing lunch menu, I felt very sad about living in the middle of nowhere and not being able to head out to eat all the carby, greasy, cheesy, spicy delicious goodness. I had to make my own. One tortilla, grilled and cut up, homemade salsa, broad bean asparagus & mint hummus, creme fraiche, cheese. Not in any the same as from a restaurant but pretty tasty.

5. Misfits is back! Misfits is back! Misfits is back! Despite the fact that I missed it on Sunday night because I was at Rich’s, and had to watch the repeat, and am going to miss it again tomorrow night due to celebrating a friend’s birthday, I actually love this programme. Very rarely do I get quite so genuinely excited about anything on telly. I experienced something akin to butterflies in my stomach for the first few minutes of the first episode.

6. A non-pictorial good thing is that I’ve made some sensible decisions about my near future (sensible being a plan other than ‘move to New Zealand and be a dairy farmer!’) and I think that I would like to move out of my parent’s house, and away from Wensleydale, in the new year. As the job market has, surprise surprise, not changed since the last time I moaned about job hunting, chances are that I might have to work more than one part-time job, or take temporary contracts and hope for the best. I don’t want to say too much at the moment but hopefully next year I will have exciting things to blog about :)

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