I’ve decided on a goscales2al for November: I’m not going to set foot on the scales until at least December 1st. If I can separate myself from the numbers game, and the emotions tied up in it, I hope I will find it easier to just enjoy exercising and enjoy eating. I can try to become fitter and stronger without basing my progress or happiness on the scale. Overall, I’m quite a confident, self-assured person, and don’t worry too much about my weight. I’m tired of feeling accomplished when I see a smaller number, and a failure if I see a higher number. It’s too tempting to weigh myself while brushing my teeth, or waiting for the shower to warm up, but I don’t think I should be jumping on it so willy-nilly while I’m feeling a bit insecure.

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9 thoughts on “Scales.

  1. Yay for this! I am starting to think that when you’re worrying about your weight it’s just a physical manifestation of other insecurities within ourselves. But we can focus on a number going up and down on the scales to tell us how well/badly we’re doing with sorting ‘the problem’. The number coming up on the scales isn’t an indicator of how awesome we are in all other aspects of our lifes though – and there needs to be – so we can all start ignoring the scales and pay attention to the awesometer (it’s a work in progress).

    • Yeah, I can believe that – I’m probably focusing too much on my weight at the moment because I feel a bit unhappy and lost in other aspects of my life. An awesometer sounds like a wonderful invention. You could step on it every morning and get told just how awesome you are! :)

  2. I love this.
    The number on the scale ultimately shouldn’t matter, how you feel is so much more important! You definitely should just let yourself getting fitter and stronger without worrying about weight.
    I should take a leaf from your book and do the same!
    Happiness should be found through doing what you love :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend lovely!

    • Not weighing myself should hopefully stop me feeling guilty about the days when I don’t want to work out, and would rather drink a beer and eat a cheese toastie. If I don’t have to ‘face up’ to the ramifications the next day by seeing if it has changed the number on the scale, I’ll stop feeling like it’s such an awful thing to do. You should do the same! Thanks, I hope you have a fabulous weekend too! x

  3. I honestly think you gauge so much better the level of happiness (and even fitness, to an incredible level) without an ignorant machine that measures the weight of gravity you are pushing down on the earth. Being healthy used to be about eating wholegrains, healthy fats, locally grown foods and moving your butt in activities that YOU enjoyed. Nowadays healthy is if you can make the number go down on the scale (doesn’t matter if you eat a diet solely of chips and beer.) you’re still classified as Oh So Healthy if you can micro manage your weight to a few hundred grams. A women’s weight is considered healthily stable if it fluctuates over 3 kilograms yearly. How does a scale let you do that and still feel mentally healthy?

    • ‘an ignorant machine that measures the weight of gravity you are pushing down on the earth’ You have such a fantastic way with words! I love this so much. What’s the big deal with how much weight you are pushing down? I have never thought of it that way. Being healthy, to some extent, is about eating what you want to eat and what makes you happy and eating what your body craves. The number on the scale means nothing, especially considering healthy does not necessarily mean slim, and even that slim does not necessarily mean light.

  4. yes no scales!!! You know what? When I commited to recovery from my eating disorder I always told myself that it would only get worse if I looked at a scale and it has been 5 or 6 years since I even set foot on one (save for those at the doctors office). I fully support you. Honestly, I don’t think we need them. We see the doctors enough, and we know if our pants don’t fit. Human beings and our bodies are both pretty smart. Best of luck to you! weight is just another number to add to the list of numbers I find silly (which includes weight, money, grades, etc)

  5. yes yes yes to all of this! sometimes when i feel myself getting wrapped up in my number i just have to realize how silly i am to put so much emphasis on the gravitational pull on my body? when you put it that way, it’s really silly to waste time and energy over it :) sending you lots of love and hope you know how to be kind to yourself! love!

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