Christmas Party Outfit #2: A Little More Realistic

This is what I would wear to a fairly casual house party, the highlights of which would be drinking games, dancing on tables to Rebecca Black, and eating pizza in the very early hours. These are my kind of parties. This is my kind of outfit.


Peacocks midi dipped hem skirt, £10 / New Look scoop neck t-shirt, £3.99 / Dune boater-fringe moccasin flat, £22 / Dorothy Perkins snood, £12 / Dorothy Perkins earrings, £5 / Dorothy Perkins ring, £2

Outfit total: £54.99

I always look at heeled shoes in shops, and stroke them, and sigh at them, and rub my face against them, and put them on and feel like the prettiest girl in the world. Sometimes I purchase them and wear them out. Sometimes I sit down in a club, tears in my eyes, and utter the words ‘Kerry, I think my feet are bleeding’. They weren’t, but that is neither here nor there. I am a happier, healthier person in flat shoes, and at 5’11 I think I can manage without them for a (completely hypothetical) house party.

House parties: yes or no? Heels: yes or no?


12 thoughts on “Christmas Party Outfit #2: A Little More Realistic

  1. That’s a really cute outfit you’ve chosen .The colours work really well together.

    I recently tried wearing heels after a 8 month break. Very few people wear them in Berlin so when I hear the familiar ‘clip,clop’ it’s usually a British tourist. I walked about 100m then walked back home to change them. 10 years of tolerance building GONE!

    • Thanks! I sometimes like to challenge myself to put an entire outfit together (either online like this, or an outfit I will actually wear) that doesn’t contain any black. It’s so easy to fall back on it as a neutral and not wearing any encourages me to be a bit more creative with what I’m wearing.

      Urgh, poor you. I can’t imagine ever building any tolerance for them.

  2. I like this outfit- I especially love the ring. It’s gorgeous.

    You are so TALL! And I’m so jealous. I’m 5′ and I rarely wear heels because they hurt my feet ( and I wobble). I look so much better when I gain the 2-4 inches they give me but I just can’t always swing it. I wish I could though.

    • I am also jealous, from an altitude of 5’2″. I usually only wear heels for nights out, and there’s this pair I’ve had for two years now that I can stand up all night in. It’s taken two years to break in, but I think they’re going to be re-heeled and re-soled until they can’t take anymore.

      The idea of you walking around the high street, rubbing your face against heels, has given me the giggles…

      • I feel like mentioning my height might be misconstrued as bragging now I have people saying they’re jealous! Haha. Don’t be, anyway. I love my height, but it can be a real pain, not least when trying to buy sensible trousers. Ahh, your comfortable heels sound amazing. I hear people talking about comfortable heels all the time but I just can’t grasp the concept.

        I don’t really do that… not all the time anyway ;)

    • The ring’s gorgeous isn’t it? Dorothy Perkins do awesome jewellery and they always seem to have it on sale as well.

      Thanks! I come from a tall family, my older sister is over 6ft in her stocking feet. I bet you look fine without heels, though I can understand if you feel more confident with the extra height. The whole ‘short girls need to wear heels’ is just more media bullshit, in my opinion. Heels hurt, and everyone is fine the way they are :)

  3. House parties yes, yes and three times YES! I love house parties.
    Now heels…well, I thought I was tall (I’m 5’9), but 5’11, yowza! I am not a big heel girl, not going to lie. I get down with them sometimes, but it depends on the occasion. Most of my friends are on the shorter side, so I already feel like a giant around them, and heels tends exaggerate this feeling…

    • House parties are great. I’ve heard a lot of people lately saying how awful they are, but I love them!

      Yeah, I’m a bit of a giant. Not compared to my sister though, who is over 6ft! I agree that it’s a bit awkward wearing heels around shorter friends, the same applies to me and my boyfriend, as I tower over him in heels.

  4. I love that skirt! Gorgeous color, and even better price. And I buy heels, and then never wear them. Because they look so good, but yes, how can people wear them? Do some ladies just have a much MUCH higher pain tolerance?

    • It is beautiful, I don’t own it but I feel like I might soon haha. Yes I do the same, buy them and then never wear them! One day I’ll take a picture of all my unworn heels so you can see how ridiculous I am. They’re pretty, and there’s no way I can not feel sexy and badass when I first strut out of the door in a pair of killer heels, but after some amount of time (can be 2 hours, can be about 5 minutes) I will just feel pain in my feet and wish I could go home. I guess some girls do have a higher tolerance, and are able to believe this ‘no pain, no gain’ business when it comes to fashion.

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