November Goals

My October goals have gone very, very badly. I am somehow reminded of this. I’m so clever for meeting some arbitrary goals I set for myself one month! I’ll do it again next month! No… on second thoughts, I won’t, I will spend all my time playing Angry Birds.


Run for 30 mins on the treadmill at least 4x a week I did not do this at all. I bought the 30 Day Shred dvd, then did no exercise while I waited for it to arrive, then I was struck down with The Cold From Hell, then I finally started it. No treadmill involved, really. The 30 Day Shred made me unable to walk and also made me feel pretty badass. Exercise and I fell comfortably back in our glorious love/hate relationship. Then I had lots of (social) things to do. There were people in my house all the time. I stopped exercising. I feel okay. I walk around. I dance in the kitchen. I will finish the 30 Day Shred, one day. Just not today.

Read & recycle old magazines Yes! I did this. I also recycled a lot of my lecture notes from uni. This was hard to do because I feel like they are important things that I spent a lot of time and effort on. I had to convince myself that they were now useless things taking up room in my already cluttered living space. Goodbye, lecture notes on Sally Morgan’s My Place. I knew a lot about that book. Gone are the days when knowing a lot about a book was the pinnacle of my achievements and responsibilities… Woe is me…

Cook/bake one new recipe a week As is typical, I wrote a list of all the recipes I wanted to try, lost the list and completely forgot about it. The Cold From Hell may have had a hand in this. Coughing and sneezing my way around the kitchen did not appeal to me, and I don’t think it would appeal to my family if I were to force them to eat something I had coughed and sneezed and spluttered all over. I did make some nice things once I started feeling more like a human, though. Like this thai red curry, and this sweet potato tortilla.

Read 4 books I got myself into a huge muddle and kept starting books and then reading no further than about 20 pages. I did not read 4 books. I read three, maybe. I’m currently reading The Bone People by Keri Hulme which is really good.

Moisturise every day Just no, basically. Although my skin hasn’t been as dry as it usually is when the cold weather sets in, so I didn’t feel the need to as much as I imagined I would. This is not a goal I am particularly devastated about not achieving.

My November goals are simply to stop failing at life and get something done. Apply for some more jobs. Try to resist the urge to emigrate to a country where Deal or No Deal doesn’t exist and isn’t shown on the telly. Etc.

8 thoughts on “November Goals

  1. Who actually makes goals and goes through with them… I just do it to feel like I have some point in life.
    I don’t really.
    But that’s okay. Because cleaning rooms and exercising more and drinking 8 glasses of water a day are best left as goals. Nothing more =P

    • Ha, very true – having a set of goals makes me feel like I have a purpose in this post-graduation limbo I’ve found myself in. Whether or not I achieve them is neither here nor there!
      Cleaning rooms and exercising more are the things that I am the worst at. I do drink a lot of water though, so maybe that cancels out all the things that I don’t do!

  2. Hello! I found your blog trawling the internets, or via Goodreads maybe, and I enjoyed. When I graduated from my undergrad degree I focused a little too much on writing goals, and let everything else slide, so I admire your monthly goal settings. I think having one giant goal in mind sets a person up well in their early life, as everything orbits around this and slides into place (eventually).

    Oh, and I think you should join me in reading Ulysses this December… I make a policy of reading one impossible monolith classic every year, mainly for masochistic reasons.

    • Thanks! I’ve been letting my writing, other than for this blog, slip a bit because I’m still floundering after the realisation that I have no more essays to write. Just putting pen to paper without the thought of a word count or a deadline is really exciting but also a bit terrifying, so I haven’t done it as much as I should.

      Oh my – I might join you in that actually! Purely for masochistic reasons, as you say.

  3. Oh man, I don’t think I could do that treadmill one, either. Treadmills are just so…uninspiring. But I LOVE LOVE that you linked to that comic–it’s one of my all time favorites. Clean all the things…in my room is on my current to-do list. The piles of dirty/clean laundry and random pieces of paper are getting out of control. And I still have an unpacked suitcase sitting on the floor from my weekend away…two weeks ago. Ugh, this adult business is overrated.

    • They are quite uninspiring. I usually do one of the interval programs that are set on the machine, which last about 30mins, and listen to some music so I’m not too bored. I definitely need to find some exercise that interests me more, though.

      The comic is def one of my favourites too! It’s all so true. This describes me perfectly sometimes – ‘It’s like I think that adulthood is something that can be earned like a trophy in one monumental burst of effort and then admired and coveted for the rest of one’s life.’ Hahaha I never get round to unpacking either! I take out the things I need, gradually, but still leave the case sitting there with things in it.

      Adult life is definitely overrated!

  4. Well to be fair to you I actually think you did quite well with your goals!
    I don’t know anyone who manages them all, they probably weren’t difficult enough if you did :-P
    I love having goals to work towards every month, I feel like it gives me some kind of purpose…
    I like the goal to try new recipes, maybe you could make it more vague – not one a week, just several in the month. It would probably easier then!
    Your goals to moisturise everyday is definitely one I’ll need to take up, I get really dry skin in the winter.
    And you’ve made me think that next month I should set myself a goal to read books which aren’t related to my course!
    Good luck with all the job hunting, don’t let it get you down, I know from my boyfriend how difficult and stressful it can be. Have a great week :-)

    • Haha thanks. In retrospect I didn’t do too badly, I just had a moment of thinking ‘what exactly HAVE I done this month?’ while looking at my goals. True, if they were all things that I could manage really easily there’d be no point making it into a goal, I would just do it. I do it for the same reason – to give myself a sense of purpose. Yeah I haven’t set myself any kind of recipe goal this month, but just decided to try new things out whenever I fancy, and to use up some ingredients that I’ve had sitting around for ages and have no idea what to do with, like some giant couscous and some green lentils.
      My skin gets really dry too, especially on my elbows, but when I’m freezing cold the last thing I want to do is moisturise!
      Thanks again lovely. I’m trying to stay positive and just enjoy being at home and working part-time while it lasts, I’ll probably miss it when I move out on my own and have to work full-time hours! Does your boyfriend have a job atm or is he still hunting? Hope it’s all going ok for him!
      You too :)

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