Anniversary, apparently

I decided that today was mine and Rich’s 2-year anniversary. We ate scrambled eggs together before he got ready for work and I got ready to go home. At some point during the morning Rich pointed out that it may not actually be our anniversary. We’re bad at being a couple, we don’t really know the dates. I then decided I did not care whether it was or not, I was going to say it was. I got up early so we could eat eggs together. There’s no guarantee I’ll do that another day, and obviously no guarantee we will see each other on whatever day turns out to actually be our anniversary.

As I have said once already on Facebook, I will take any excuse to post this gorgeous picture.


Made for each other, right? All jokes aside, I’m very happy. I can only assume he is too. Long distance isn’t ideal, but it’s worked out so far. It means that every time we see each other we’re excited, and it means we plan something amazing to do every time.

Now, I promise not to dedicate an entire post on this blog to being mushy ever again.


11 thoughts on “Anniversary, apparently

  1. Ohhh, mush is lovely in moderation! And I agree – long-distance is hard sometimes, but spending time together makes it all worthwhile. Clearly you have found a good’un :)

    • True, a bit of moderate mush is quite inoffensive, but I do remember being perpetually single and thinking ‘vom!’ every time people started banging on about how in love they are, so I try to keep it a minimum, even though I’m naturally not a very soppy-in-public type of person.
      Oh, are you in a long-distance relationship too? I didn’t realise. Spending time together definitely makes it worth the heartache of being apart.

      • Mmm, between Glasgow and Wales, quite the journey. I don’t really mention him on my blog because he’s not aware of its existence yet…
        Oh gosh, I remember the ‘OH GOD SHUT UP’ feeling when people started going on, so I generally try to keep it to myself. Besides, does all of facebook need to know that you love snuggles so much? Nope. And don’t get me started on ‘having snuggles with boyf and bump before we go to sleep’. I get pretty violent.

      • Hell fire that is a long journey! I feel bad for whining about my 90 minute distance now. I bet that’s hard! Oh it took me ages to tell anyone about my blog, even my boyfriend, but he actually think it’s really cool now he knows – which is odd considering he doesn’t like to read at all. Do you get to see your boyfriend much?
        Facebook definitely does not need to know about how much people love to cuddle. It’s all a bit trite as well, everyone thinks they’re saying something new and amazing by mentioning how massively in love they are, but they’re really not. What’s very annoying is a girl I know who has recently gone long distance with her boyfriend making constant status updates which all just say ‘missing him :(‘. Arghhh! I guess this annoys me because I think ‘well I’ve been missing my boyfriend for over a year now and I don’t feel the need to whine about it on Facebook!’
        Bump references are awful! No disrespect to pregnant women, but that’s generally another thing that the internet does not need to know all about.

  2. We try to visit every 2-3 weeks, which is much easier during term time… this summer we saw each other when he graduated, and when I visited for a week. It. Was. Awful.
    Oh, I had a friend whose boyfriend did erasmus last year. I wanted to punch her facebook profile in the face. I was like, DEAL WITH IT. I don’t moan on facebook, either! Some things are made for keeping between the two of you.


    • 2-3 weeks sounds pretty standard, so well done considering the distance! I see my boyfriend twice a month if I’m lucky. If you ever want a friendly, understanding ear about the bullshit that long distance entails please drop me a line, email me if you like – :) I’ll always be happy to hear from you, even if it is just a general moan!
      Yes, some things are definitely made for the two of you. I tell my boyfriend that I love and miss him pretty much every day, but am I fuck gonna tell all 393 of my Facebook ‘friends’ about it! It’s such a weird, attention seeking thing as well – more than anything I really don’t want a whole variety of people going ‘aww poor you’ because it doesn’t help the situation at all, as I’m sure you know!

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