Friday I’m In Love

(No, I couldn’t think of a more imaginative title.)

sweetcornfritters 001-1

sweetcornfritters 003-1

sweetcornfritters 004-1

sweetcornfritters 005-1

sweetcornfritters 007-1

1. I felt very conflicted about these shoes when I spotted them in New Look. One part of me was thinking “WOWOWOWOW GLITTERY SHOES I WILL NEVER HAVE TO WEAR HEELS EVER AGAIN” and the other part was thinking “glittery toe caps? Really?!” I had a gift card so I bit the bullet and bought them and now I’m in love with them, despite the fact that I haven’t worn them yet.

2. This wonky heart on my thumbnail is the full extent of my nail art skills.

3. On Wednesday I went to Bettys with my mum, dad, aunt & sister.

4. Sweetcorn fritters with avocado salsa and creme fraiche. Amazing. I forgot how nice it is to cook nutritious meals.

5. I took a picture of some money, for no reason, and thought it looked cool. Yep… exciting, I know.

Tonight it is my dad’s 60th birthday party which I’m sure will be a great night! There’s every chance I will write a post with real words after the weekend. You just watch!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! x

10 thoughts on “Friday I’m In Love

  1. oh my lordddddy! MUST HAVE THOSE SHOES. and those fritters for that matter. what lovely little moments you have :) and i always keep on reminding myself to thank you for your amazingly sweet, well written, thoughtful comments on my blog. i always look forward to seeing them :) x

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