Good Things 007

wict 007

wict 001

goodthings007 003

goodthings007 005

goodthings007 002

goodthings007 012

1. Pretty clothes! 2. Falafel and bombay mix is the food combination of winners 3. A heart shaped log! 4. Don’t you wish photos still came in packets like this? So much cooler than just uploading them to your laptop 5. Home-made butternut squash soup and crumpets, perfect for soothing this stinking cold I have at the moment 6. One wall in my bedroom, I ♥ polar bears!

Tell me your good things!


5 thoughts on “Good Things 007

  1. OMG! I love polar bears too!! So much so, that I have about 10 stuffed polar bears and my computer desktop is a slideshow of polar bear pics.

    I think my boyfriend would kill me if I attached pics to our bedroom wall, but I love yours!

    • They’re the cutest animals EVER :) I have a stuffed polar bear that I got from WWF, and I bought one from a pound shop for my boyfriend. It’s a shame you can’t stick things on your bedroom wall but a slideshow on your laptop sounds just as good!

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