Operation Stop Being Lazy

While laziness may never be an attractive or enviable trait, there is a certain time and place for it. This time is ‘during university’ and this place is usually ‘your student accommodation’. My inner lazy trollop came out in full force during those three years. Although I went to lectures, went to the gym, attended poetry readings, read books, sat exams, wrote essays, went places and generally did things, I also took an intense joy in doing nothing at all, sometimes for days on end. I allowed myself to sack off the gym because I had nobody to walk there with, to skip a lecture because I didn’t want to write on that topic in the exam, to go to the canteen in my dressing gown and slippers because, well, if I hadn’t got dressed yet what was the point? Spending about 12 hours straight in front of the telly with a hangover was acceptable, funny, and even encouraged when one of my housemates hid my towel so I couldn’t shower and would have to stay and watch a film with her*.

Operation Stop Being Lazy commences today. I’m going to attempt the 30 Day Shred (as soon as I pluck up the courage to even take the dvd out of the box), de-clutter my room and do a variety of other things that non-lazy people do. Attend local events. Write things that aren’t blog posts and creepy short stories. Enter writing competitions. Send letters to people I’d like to be employed by. Paint the walls in the hallway** and sell my old clothes on eBay.

What else do non-lazy people do? Except work full-time jobs, go to the gym (I am too poor for a gym membership) and look after their children, etc.

Any ideas? Care to join me? Are you already non-lazy?

* Completely true story. I guess she loved me no matter how bad I smelt. Now that’s friendship.

** I haven’t discussed this with my parents so there’s a very good chance it won’t happen.


16 thoughts on “Operation Stop Being Lazy

  1. Too poor for the gym=great reason to take long walks in your free time! They’re even better when accompanied by books on tape. That way you are reading, relaxing, exercising, and multitasking way too much to be considered lazy! That said, gotta enjoy the free time, too. Laziness definitely has its time and place.

    • It’s started to get seriously cold round here, but I might actually do this next time it’s not raining and just wrap up warm. I really like the idea of audio books but I never listen to any. Do you know of any that are particularly good to listen to?

      • I listened to The Room (Emma Donahue) recently and loved it and am listening to The Last Unicorn (Peter S. Beagle) right now–it’s lots of fun. The faster-paced maybe less literary-type books are usually the best books on tape (do NOT get the Iliad–bought it for a road trip and ohh, it hurt). If you’re on Livejournal (and if not, worth joining just for this, I have a dead account used almost solely for this community)–http://theaudiolibrary.livejournal.com/ is the best resource for *free* audiobooks I’ve found, pretty much any at least popular-ish book can be found there. And since you aren’t paying ridiculous amounts per book, if you start one and don’t like it–on to the next one.

  2. ya know, I’ve always done better skipping the gym and working out at home anyway. That requires willpower of course… everyone needs a lazy day now and then though :)

    • My willpower isn’t great so I’ve always preferred the gym, mainly because the fact that I’m paying for it is a huge incentive to go! That said, we do have a treadmill in the house and I live in a rural area where there’s lot of places to walk & run, so I guess I have no excuse really :)

  3. Haha I’m with you on university being the ideal place to indulge in laziness, although for me it’s not always a matter of choice!
    It sounds like have some great plans though :-)

    • It’s definitely a big part of uni culture, though I guess one of the great things is that there are lots of opportunities to not be lazy if you feel up to it. All I’ve managed to do so far off the list is research some writing competitions, haha, but I guess I’ve got the whole week ahead of me :)

  4. I HATE being lazy, which is seen as seriously weird as a uni student! I like to refer to not being productive as ‘leisure time’ or ‘relaxation time’, though, our bodies like being lazy sometimes! Good luck with the 30 day shred, you’ll learn to love it im sure hehe

    • Haha you probably are the odd one out :) Everybody’s different though. Relaxation time is necessary sometimes. I hope I will learn to love it! And if not, as long as I manage 30 (hopefully consecutive) days of it I don’t have to force myself to do it again.

  5. I love the irony of this post following your lazy sunday links. I really thought it was just me that caught the lazy bug at university… everyone else always seems so busy! I get really annoyed when I catch myself being lazy though. Usually I force myself to go for a good long walk. I found that forcing myself into a 9-5 routine got me out of the habit.

    I wish you luck with the 30 day shred too – I’d never be able to make it through.

    • Ha, Sundays were created for being lazy! Maybe it’s an English student thing? Although it did irritate me that because I didn’t have many hours of lectures, other people assumed I never did any work and that my degree must have been piss easy. I considered making myself have a 9-5 routine for job hunting but because I work part-time and usually start at 6 it would leave me little time to do anything.

      Thanks! I just did the first workout and… I can’t feel my legs. I hope the fact that each workout is only 20 minutes will stop me using the ‘I just don’t have time’ excuse tho.

      • Well I’ve basically had three reading weeks to start the year with. My medic flatmate was seriously displeased. But hey, he’s doing a degree that he can definitely get a job out of…

        Speaking of, I’d imagine that a 9-5 job hunting routine would get very demoralising very quickly, so maybe it’s for the best that your job starts at 6!

  6. Well this sounds exactly how I spent my uni days! I’m much better now though, I always find that even if you’re not doing anything that day the best thing to do is get dressed properly like you’re going out. It seems to trick my mind into be more pro-active :P
    L x

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