What I Cooked Tuesday

No pictures from Wednesday as I’m in Sheffield visiting my sister to celebrate her 23rd birthday. 


Instead, here are some things that I ,made on Tuesday. First off I decided to make these summer rolls that I saw on Girl Looks Like A Pony. Despite the fact that I didn’t manage to roll them as much as squidge them up into a dodgy looking parcel, they tasted pretty damn good.

wict 003

After that, my mum and I made lasagne. Lots of lasagne.

wict 005

wict 008

  • Have you made anything new lately?



14 thoughts on “What I Cooked Tuesday

  1. That sure is a lot of lasagna. The newest thing I’ve made was a veggie enchilada casserole. It was really good but I want to keep experimenting with it.

  2. Happy b’day to the sis! And haha, all my spring/summer roll attempts look just like that–orrr I go in the opposite direction and overstuff them and then try to patch the rice wrapper…let me tell you, that is a terrible idea that does not work. Just for future reference :) And I’m working on breaking out of my nothing-new shell, but it’s a gradual process.

    • Lol, I made another one and the wrapper split. It’s so fiddly! I kept looking at the picture on front of the box of rice paper and thinking ‘now why doesn’t mine look like that?!’

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