Indian summer

Being a layabout has its perks when the sun comes out and decides to hang around.summerisbackapparently 001

summerisbackapparently 004

I can devote an afternoon to sitting in the sunshine, reading a book, eating fruit and satisfying my raging Diet Coke addiction.

summerisbackapparently 013

Taking unnecessary photos of grass.

summerisbackapparently 014

Yeah, I was pretty warm wearing this. The art of summer dressing evades me at the best of times, let alone when I have been dreaming about wooly tights and wearing a coat. Denim shirt from Oxfam, yellow bird shirt from Primark, skirt from M&Co, dirty feet model’s own. Oh hey mini rainbow in the corner of my picture.

summerisbackapparently 016

summerisbackapparently 003

summerisbackapparently 022

The sky is so blue!

Fun facts: a) it is far too hot to run inside on a treadmill b) Bacardi mojitos are amazing but expensive c) I might be going here at the weekend and I am so freaking excited.

Hope everyone is enjoying whatever weather they’re having.


2 thoughts on “Indian summer

  1. That looks like a pretty gorgeous day, yeah. Oooh, the Forbidden Corner sounds pretty darn interesting, hope you get to go! If not, a Bacardi mojito would be a good consolation prize…

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