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Chicken sandwiches & salad with honey mustard dressing – Bagel with cream cheese and tomato – Spaghetti with ham, celery and leek sauce & salad – A Tracker bar eaten while watching The Big Bang Theory, I’m so cool – Bread, laughing cow cheese, burger mustard and cucumber (possibly my favourite snack at the moment) – Tea (which I added milk to because I believe black tea is morally wrong)

On Tuesday I made a marinade for salmon which was AMAZING, and I feel like I need to share it with the world. I mixed soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, sweet chilli sauce, white wine vinegar and vegetable oil, then added minced garlic, red chilli and ginger. I can’t tell you what quantities because I made it up as I went along and just added things until it tasted sticky, sweet and salty. I guess the main component was soy sauce, and there was quite a lot of sweet chilli, with just a bit of everything else to add flavour. I served the salmon with courgette, aubergine and udon noodles. AMAZE.

Lots of carbs, lots of vegetables: just the way I like it. This is just bits and pieces of what I ate over the week, btw.

  • Do you like The Big Bang Theory?
  • How do you take your tea?
  • Any amazing marinade recipes you’d like to share?


12 thoughts on “

  1. I love cucumber+laughing cow+ bread!! Great snack indeed.
    I’ve never seen big bang theory….I don’t watch tv, weird I know.
    I like my tea depending upon the type with a bit of soy milk or without.

    • It seems to cure all my cravings at once when I feel peckish but don’t know what to have :) That is a bit weird but pretty cool! How come? Is it a family thing or is it on principle, or do you just not like it? I don’t watch it mindlessly as much as I used to, I will generally only watch it if there’s something in particular that I want to watch. Oh I’ve tried to like non-dairy milk but just can’t seem to get on with it.

  2. Carbs and veggies? Count me in. I can’t remember the last time I’ve put anything in my tea, but I also tend to drink ginger, sleeping-time or other flavored teas rather than black teas. That said, I did have earl grey this morning.

    • Carbs and veg, possibly two of my favourite thing. I’m sat here right now dreaming up some kind of pasta dish I want to make. Oh yeah I would never have milk in any kind of herbal tea. In England it’s very much the norm to have black tea with milk. A lot of people have sugar but I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

  3. Ummm I LOVE the big bang theory. It is freaking hilarious. I was watching a bunch of old episodes the other night actual while I was “studying” for exams. Hahaha not a good combination.

    • Laughing cow is awesome, as long as you don’t get the extra light one which I think tastes really chemical-y. Definitely make yourself a laughing cow & cucumber sandwich. It’s the future :)

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