Places I Want To Visit (The rest of the world)


France* I’ve been to France on a school trPragueip. We went somewhere in Normandy, and to Disneyland Paris. All I can remember is a sweaty coach, sharing a dorm with a hysterical overdramatic girl, raw meat and cheese that smelt like a rotting corpse. I just know that France has more to offer me. I’m running a one-woman campaign to make Rich take a trip to Paris with me (read: I drop unsubtle hints constantly) some time. The news that Ryanair will start flying to Paris from Manchester for super cheap very soon is music to my ears.


Czech Republic I know that I used to be utterly obsessed with Prague… and I can’t remember why. I don’t mean I can’t see any reasons why I would want to visit, I just mean that I can’t remember the particular thing that inspired this burning desire to go. Either way, I will go there and then hopefully I will understand.

New Zealand Although I know very little about New Zealand, it has become the country of my dreams. The place I’d choose if somebody offered me a plane ticket to anywhere of my choosing. I don’t even know why. I’m not sure what it is that fascinates me so much more than any other country, but it stands in my mind as a beacon of wonderment. I’m going to put Australia under this same heading for the purposes of this post not turning into a list of countries as long as my arm. Everyone wants to go to Australia. It’s well documented that it’s nice, and what there is to do. I won’t go into it.

America Oh, America. Of course America. The country that seems so close to England in terms of culture and media, yet is actually pretty far away. Top of my America wishlist right now is Boston, all because of Mackenzie. Her posts about her new city are the only tourist information I need. I’m thinking this Contiki tour might be the way to win my heart, for those who are interested in doing so.

Germany After I came back from Italy, I remarked to my grandma that the trains there were so much better than in England. She agreed that a lot of things were nicer in Italy, and then said ‘wait until you get to Germany.’ This is my sole reason for wanting to go.

That’s all for today because, well, I don’t want to list every country on the planet.

Where are you itching to visit (outside of your own country)? Where have you been? Tales from your travels?



Places I Want To Visit (UK)


6 thoughts on “Places I Want To Visit (The rest of the world)

  1. Okaaay, totally made my own blog post about travel before coming over here and reading this! I swear I didn’t copy :D I would love to visit Australia/New Zealand, although there’s something about countries that speak a completely different language that is…hmm…let’s go with romantic and mysterious. It adds to the foreign-ness. And Boston is agreat, but NYC is hard to beat.

  2. I hope you´ll like the Czech Republic once you get there :) It is my home country, so I am sure there are things worth seeing! And Germany is amazing, you will really love it, go to Berlin and you will never want to go back :D

    • Oh wonderful, I have a 2 night break in Prague booked for December. We want to see the Christmas market, is there anything you think we must see while we’re there? I would so love to go to Berlin… I think I need to take good advantage of cheap air travel around Europe while I’m still unemployed haha :)

      • Well, there are so many things. Charles bridge at night has its charm, Prague castle is a must, Christmas market at the Old Town square has a lot of atmosphere, if you are into culture, then I would suggest visiting National theater, which is really beautiful, or National galery. The Prague Zoo is huge and a lot of fun. A walk through the Old Town is something really enjoyable. There are also many fine restaurants and coffee houses.You can find some reviews or links at my page.

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