~ I tried to wear my glasses and think of them as a fashion statement rather than an unwieldy hunk of metal mounted on my face. It didn’t work. Contact lenses ftw. I also wore a stripy jumper, black trousers and sunglasses and pretended to be French. This didn’t work either. Underneath all this I wore the prettiest bra in the world. I really wanted to take a picture of it but don’t think it would be appropriate to share on here. Boo. What do you think to my glasses: fashionable or just practical?

mondaymonday 008

~ The Fifth Child by Doris Lessing was really good, and now I’m reading possibly the bleakest book ever.

mondaymonday 009

~ I embarked on a culinary adventure to make banana bread for the first time. After a fiasco with the bread machine when it just wouldn’t stop mixing no matter what I did, I stuck it in the oven and it looks pretty beautiful to me.

mondaymonday 012

~ I’m going to start exercising regularly in an attempt to not feel so lethargic all the time. I never thought I’d miss the uni gym so much.

mondaymonday 010

~ I’m considering a self-imposed magazine ban. They’re expensive and full of pictures of expensive clothes and conflicting messages about weight, healthy, sexuality, careers, happiness etc. I’ll go back to them eventually but for now, they are just not what I need.

~ I went for an evening walk.

mondaymonday 013


mondaymonday 017

mondaymonday 018

mondaymonday 029

mondaymonday 036


5 thoughts on “Monday

  1. A. Banana bread is amazing, even if you mess it up :D B. Only the cool kids wear glasses. Or at least I’ll tell myself that, too (yours are cute, btw). C. I need to stop reading magazines, too–I get Self, and it is the worst conflicting magazine ever–says it’s all about health and women and yadda yadda, and then EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE is on losing weight or targeting your “problem areas.” Ugh, I toss half of them as soon as they arrive in the mail.

    • It was pretty bloody amazing, I was very happy with it. Yeah only the cool kids wear glasses! ;) Thanks! I know exactly what you mean: it’s annoying to be told on one page to love yourself the way you are and then on the next page to be given some ridiculous tips on how to better restrict your food intake. I bought one today but studied the front cover to find the one that *didn’t* mention anything about weight or dieting.

  2. I agree with forgottenbeast. The cool kids wear glasses. :D Yours are cute on you! And I love your hair color.
    Also, I want banana bread now, and a place to walk that is as beautiful as your evening walk.

  3. Sorry I’m just going through your blog hitting ‘Older posts’ ad infinitum!
    The magazine quandry is one I share. I LOVE magazines. They are my guilty pleasure and they relax me way more than TV and entertain me on the constant train journeys I take. BUT the, as you put it, ‘conflicting messages about weight, healthy, sexuality, careers, happiness etc’ is really starting to get to me. I am straight, white, employed, a size 10 and they still make me feel like shit. If you know of any (affordable) magazines which don’t do this I’d be keen to hear…

    • They’re definitely a guilty pleasure for me too, but they do make me feel like shit. I haven’t really found any that don’t. A lot of people like Company, so you could have a look at it, if you don’t already read it. (I personally don’t like it very much because I find it quite judgemental and I can’t stand Jameela Jamil.) My younger sister reads Grazia and I flick through it sometimes, and it seems to do quite a good job of featuring some clothes that are actually affordable to the average person, and manage to discuss feminist issues quite often.

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