Lazy Sunday Links


+ Here are some lovely lazy Sunday songs – Put Your Hands Up by Nerina Pallot, Grey or Blue by Jaymay, Warm Love by Van Morrison.

+ Book Swept – a blog full of wonderful words, yet I can’t think of the right words to describe it. Each post includes pictures and a quote from a novel. Simple but stunning.

+ Want to feel happier by the end of the day? Your menu of options – honestly, when I first read this article I thought it was pretty cheesy, but it’s actually quite useful. Warning: the other articles on that site are quite dire, e.g. ‘How to tell if your husband is cheating again’ ‘Why are you still single?’ ‘How to lose 14 stone in a day’ so I wouldn’t advise clicking around. I’m going to write down the ones I like and stick them on the wall, then do one every time I start to feel a bit stressed or upset.

+ Please can somebody out there apply for my (latest) dream job. I’m drastically unqualified for it but I think it would be amazing.

+ Look at these pictures of waterfalls.





(click images for source)


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