I ♥ charity shops


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This morning I vowed to buy all my new season clothes from charity shops. Off I went to Richmond, a town that has more charity shops than anything else. Along the way I picked up some books and some beakers, as is standard. Overall I got two shirts, a jumper, a video (I’m old school), a bag, and two books – one of which I nearly bought from the Uffizi gallery gift shop for about fifteen euros and got today for 99p. Win.


Then I came home and ordered some clothes from H&M. Poor effort. All because they were selling a £3.99 cardigan and I convinced myself that in order to justify the delivery charge I needed to buy the new clothes. The power of my own bullshit astounds me sometimes.

Now I need to save, save, save in order to reach the £500 mark I set myself in my September goals. This was depleted somewhat by booking a 2 night break to Prague in December. Oh the joys of being a lady of leisure.

Now I suppose I’d better go earn some pennies to replace the ones I have frittered away. Hope everyone has more exciting weekend plans than I do!


5 thoughts on “I ♥ charity shops

  1. I love the cover of “The White Tiger”. It looks so interesting! And thrift shops are the best! I have more fun there than I do at regular retail stores.

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