Good Things 006

+ How I Met Your Mother is BACK! (On American tv, so clearly being in England I have not been able to watch it. Of course. Ahemmm.) A lot of people judge me for liking it so much (it’s exactly the same as Friends, it’s so cheesy, it uses canned laughter etc etc) and to them I say pftthh. If something makes me laugh I don’t tend to analyse it any further, I just laugh and then watch another episode. And then another. And then another…

+ I got this card for my birthday* and recently rediscovered it. SO CUTE. If it doesn’t make you giggle, you may not be human.

tuesday13thseptember 005 

+ The job hunt is looking up! I don’t want to discuss anything in great detail on here because I’ve included my blog on my cv, but I’m feeling a lot happier about it than I was.

+ I’ve turned into a complete loser and have been SCRAPBOOKING. Not very well, I might add, but scrapbooking nonetheless. I have one for my Italian adventures (one two three four) and one that’s just full of pictures, poems, train tickets, leaflets and bits and pieces that make me happy.

+ The new Facebook layout will barely load on my dire internet connection, which is inspiring me to check Facebook less often, which in turn is making me more productive (if only slightly). I’m going to call this a good thing. (It’s also making me spend a lot more time on eBay looking for vintage jumpers, which is both a good and bad thing.)

* I got this card off my parents for my birthday. Because I picked it up in the shop and said, “ooh, I wonder who has a birthday coming up and would like this” and handed it to them. Not very subtle but definitely very effective.

2 thoughts on “Good Things 006

  1. Haha, I love that card! And that I’m not the only one who has to be less than subtle when it comes to gifts and such from parents. And HIMYM is such fun! I don’t watch it regularly, but I love catching reruns. Good luck with the job search!!

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