What I’ve been eating (+ a recipe)



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I’ve been eating a lot of un-photogenic food this past week, hence the lack of interesting photos. The most exciting things I have eaten are a cheese scone with Wensleydale cheese (best combination ever), grilled courgette and aubergine (possibly my favourite vegetables in the world), butter bean & tomato soup with avocado & tomato on a bagel (exactly what I needed at the time, possibly a new go-to meal) and spinach & ricotta pasta baked with feta & mozzarella (eaten at an Italian restaurant, absolutely freaking delicious). On Sunday night, despite the fact that it was ridiculously cold, I decided to make frozen watermelon daiquiris. As you do. They were delicious and I could have easily drank many more if I had more watermelon. Just blend rum, ice, deseeded watermelon and sugar – mmm. Now for a recipe.

Spiced Carrot and Lentil Soup

You will need a few large carrots, about a bowful of lentils, stock, onion, garlic, and whatever spices you fancy. I usually like to use some combination of chilli powder, curry powder, garam masala, cumin and turmeric. (I first made this soup while living at uni, where I did not own any weighing scales, hence why I don’t use measurements. The recipe I based it off is here, for those of you who have your lives in better order than I do. I don’t personally put milk in it because I don’t think it needs it. Use your own judgement on that one.)

Part of the beauty of this soup is just how easy it is to make. Fry some onion and garlic, grate the carrots, then add the carrots, lentils and stock into the pan. Boil until the lentils have gone a bit mushy, stirring occasionally. Leave it to cool down for a minute (important: you don’t want to splash hot soup on your face!) and then blend it, preferably with a stick blender. I usually serve it with some coriander leaves sprinkled on top, and I think it would be great with creme fraiche drizzled over it.

I haven’t made this soup in a while but I have found myself daydreaming about it as the weather gets colder, so there may be pictures of it next week!

  • What’s your favourite vegetable?
  • Do you like to follow recipes closely or do you prefer to guess (like me)?
  • Let me know if you make the soup & if you like it!



14 thoughts on “What I’ve been eating (+ a recipe)

  1. Not photogenic?? That pasta bake looks SO good. As does the cheese scone. Darn you and your good looking cheese foods! If only there was an even halfway decent vegan substitute…

    • Ah, this stuff looks ok, it’s the food I haven’t put in this post that looks a bit bleh. I have a habit of making food that tastes great but looks disgusting. I eat far too much cheese simply because it’s always in the fridge at home – when I lived away at university I barely ever ate it. I’m not sure how I’d cope as a vegan though!

      • It definitely takes time to adjust! I don’t miss meat or milk, but eggs and especially cheese–ooo, sometimes I just really want some! And I tend to eat some ugly food too–oatmeal, curry dishes and stew just aren’t that pretty, but ohh they taste good!

  2. what are you talking about girl?? your eats have been looking deliciousss. as for following recipes, i used to follow them to a t. like even when making a smoothie. i would be like, okay 1 cup frozen berries, 3 ice cubes, blah blah blah. now i’m like, whatevaa and just throw it all in the blender! what’s the worst that can happen anyways??

    • Handy! I only started making it when my grandma gave me her old blender. I always thought it’d be really tricky to make but if you pick the right recipe it’s so easy. I’ve never had cream of sweetcorn soup but it looks pretty amazing, I’ll have to give it a go.

    • It’s so good! I love how it tastes like a different vegetable depending on how you cook it… or is that just me?

      It was absolutely amazing. I foresee a lot of pasta in the coming months.

  3. I must beg to differ about the photographs. Honestly, as long as you capture it and we can tell what it is, you’re fine. cheese scone plus cheese? sounds like a winner.
    I love all veg but perhaps….no you see? I simply cannot choose! I never follow recipes exactly, it’s like some weird thing, but I just can’t!

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