Read, reading, to read


Q&A by Vikas Swarup was great. Very different from the film (Slumdog Millionaire) but better, if anything. I finished it while I was on a train and one bit in particular made me want to cry happy tears and I had to put a lot of effort into not bawling in public. I’m going to give it a proper review on Goodreads soon if anyone is interested.

High Fidelity by Nick Hornby started out awful and annoying, got okay towards the middle, and ended awful and annoying. It was an easy read, and there was something spurring me on to keep reading even though the narrator made me want to stick pins into my eyes. I’m vaguely aware that he was supposed to be annoying, but that didn’t help the fact that I honestly wanted to reach inside the book and throttle him. The entire book is discussing his relationships and all I could think was Who in their right mind would go out with him? There is one part where an ex-girlfriend makes a quite startling confession, and the self-absorbed way in which the narrator reacts made my blood boil. Nick Hornby seems to be a very skilled writer, but I can’t say that I enjoyed this book or that I would recommend it.

Smashed by Koren Zailckas was a bit of a let down, in all honesty. I enjoyed it as a story, but it wasn’t the hard-hitting shocker that I was expecting. Not to belittle her experiences but it often seemed as though Zailckas takes herself a bit too seriously. I was also a bit annoyed with the sweeping generalisations she made throughout the book about the nature of women who drink and the reasons why women drink. It felt as though she was tarring everyone with the same brush. Despite this, I liked reading it and would probably recommend it.


Beauty Story by Luke Jennings. I had convinced myself this was another book entirely and so I was very confused when I started it. I haven’t yet read enough to get a feel for it.

To read

The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy and Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs.


  • What’s your read/reading/to read at the moment? Tell me in the comments or make your own post!
  • Have you read any of these books? Thoughts? I miss a bit of discussion now that I’ve graduated.
  • Any recommendations for me?


3 thoughts on “Read, reading, to read

  1. I’m currently reading some surprisingly good scifi (Red Mars), and have quite a pile of books to get through (but mostly scif/fantasy–I’m going to need a break and to go buy some modern lit–good excuse for book shopping, right?). Read and loved God of Small Things, and I’ve read something by Nick Hornby but now I forget. Hmmm… I don’t suppose you’re a goodreads member? Most awesome way to see what friends are reading and get good ideas for new books. Yeaah, just going to go ahead a plug it, ’cause I love it.

    • Any excuse for book shopping! :) I’ve heard many good things about Nick Hornby’s other books, and the reason I disliked High Fidelity was definitely due to the character and not the writing. If anything Hornby must be very talented to be able to create a character who made me so angry. I haven’t managed to make much headway with Beauty Story so I’m considering skipping it for now and reading God of Small Things instead.

      I am on goodreads!

      • Just added you :) And YES Murakami and Atwood–two of my personal favorites as well! And there is definitely skill involved in creating characters that lead to an opinion one way or another–even if it digs into overall enjoyment of the book.

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