Llamas and wallabies and crocodiles, oh my!

This weekend Rich came to stay at mine, and we went to Thorp Perrow on Saturday to see some some animals and trees. Despite the crazy weather (hot, then suddenly cold, raining, then suddenly sunny) it was nice to walk around the gardens, see a falconry display and some amazing animals. There were rheas, wallabies, meerkats, pygmy goats, ferrets, exotic pheasants and a llama. Afterwards we went to Brymor for some ice cream – no day out in Wensleydale is complete without a trip to Brymor. In the evening we went out for an for an Italian, for which I decided to get completely overdressed and wear my graduation frock. My justification was that I need to get some use out of it in order to save it from the charity bag. All in all it was a great weekend. I complain bitterly about still living at home sometimes, but I can’t deny that there’s a lot of beautiful places and great days out. I took a lot of pictures of leaves, trees, animals and food. thorpperrowweekend 005

thorpperrowweekend 014

thorpperrowweekend 017

thorpperrowweekend 031

thorpperrowweekend 050

thorpperrowweekend 049

thorpperrowweekend 051

thorpperrowweekend 057

thorpperrowweekend 060

thorpperrowweekend 061

thorpperrowweekend 064

thorpperrowweekend 065

thorpperrowweekend 067

thorpperrowweekend 068

thorpperrowweekend 069

thorpperrowweekend 034

thorpperrowweekend 024

thorpperrowweekend 038

thorpperrowweekend 054

thorpperrowweekend 071

I will be putting more pictures of Thorp Perrow on my Facebook if anyone wants to see them. I like to think I’m some kind of photography whizz taking closeups of flowers like that, despite only owning a cheap Samsung camera and having very little idea what to do with it. Any tips? Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Llamas and wallabies and crocodiles, oh my!

  1. I LURVE llamas, o wow thorp perrow looks amazing! Sorry, my camera is probably een cheaper than yours and I still pretend I’m an expert wildlife and food photographer aha!

    • Who doesn’t love llamas ;) It is a pretty incredible! Apparently it has the biggest/best (I can’t remember which) collection of trees in the North of England, haha. It’s fun pretending you’re a fancy photographer isn’t it? It’s just a bit embarassing sometimes when I’m farting around taking a picture of a tree and somebody wanders over with their proper camera that cost about a million pounds :(

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