What I Ate Wednesday

I’ve been eating a lot. I just haven’t been taking a lot of pictures. I’ve been on a health kick lately and I find that this makes me eat more than I would otherwise. I try to cram so much fruit and veg into my face that I keep eating past the point of being full. Does anyone else do this? Do I just have issues? I probably just have issues. That’s ok. I haven’t made myself sick from eating too many tomatoes and bananas.


Speaking of tomatoes, I am in love with them at the moment. I cannot think of anything better than eating a bowl of sliced tomatoes sprinkled with salt, a little sugar and a whole lot of black pepper. I’m also warming to cooked tomatoes, which I once passed off as too slimy. I also ate two helpings of plum crumble, despite being more than a little creeped out by stewed fruit.

I’m coming on in leaps and bounds, people.

(I’d be lying if I said that eating more custard than crumble didn’t help to quell my fears.)

I didn’t eat all of this on Wednesday, by the way – it’s just an assortment of things I’ve eaten over the past few weeks.


tuesday13thseptember 011

Peanut butter, Nutella, rasberry jam & banana sandwich. My family looked on in abject horror as I assembled and ate this monstrosity.

tuesday13thseptember 015

Tomato sandwich, rice cake with extra light Philadelphia & cucumber. Word to the wise: extra light Philadelphia is not good, don’t do it to yourselves.

tuesday13thseptember 017

Chocolate fudge cake & custard, eaten in bed while checking Twitter.

tuesday13thseptember 024

Wensleydale cheese & tomato sandwich (I eat a lot of bread) with salad.

foodfoodfood 006

Butter bean & tomato soup.

I went out for a film and food date with a friend tonight and tried tuna steak for the first time. It was delicious, I will definitely be eating it again.

  • Are you a bread addict like myself, or is bread the enemy?
  • What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week?
  • How do you feel about stewed fruit?

6 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. I LOVE BREAD!!! Oh hi btw, love your blog Emily. Tuna steak is fantastic isn’t it!? I only have it at restaurants though as it’s more a ‘fancy’ food to me ;p. Itotally laughed at your familys reaction – can so relate to that! I look forward to reading more from you!

    • YAY FOR BREAD! I hear about it being bad for you all the time but I could eat it with every meal and be happy. The tuna steak was lovely, but I agree I don’t think it’s something I’ll be cooking for myself, I’ll save it for a treat when I go out!

  2. I’m addicted to bread myself and not only do I believe it’s the enemy (at least one of mine) and it gives me hiccups. So far, this week, the best thing I’ve eaten is either a wedge of orange or a piece of spinach on a sandwich. Stewed fruit? Never tried it.

  3. I want to know about this custard thing. I’ve seen it on a couple blogs and on the Sainsbury’s website and I’m interested. What do you do with it? Eat it with cake?
    the bread+nutbutter+whatever else fruit combo is to die for. You’ve got it right!
    I’m recovering from an ED so bread is 1/2 the enemy. Even though it is probably my best friend because carbs give you energy!
    Stewed fruit is good! I dislike jams and jellies because they’re too sweet so I usually make my own out of super ripe or stewed fruits

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