Good Things 005

+ I have a new phone! The reviews of it are pretty terrible but it’s a step up from the one I had, which cost me £10 from Asda and heats up to the point of burning my ear if I have a conversation that lasts for more than a few minutes. I will now be able to tweet while I’m out and about.

+ Getting my 5-a-day is delicious.

2011-09-11 goodthings

+ I spent my Saturday afternoon applying for a very exciting job and reading the Guardian supplements, while sitting in bed drinking a cup of tea. Pretending to be a grown-up is fun. It was also wonderful that my dire internet connection allowed me to remain connected for long enough to complete the application… on the fifth try #countrygirlproblems

goodthings 005

Priorities. I have them.

+ Canopies and Drapes by Emmy the Great. My head hurts, I wish I’d never woke up / I feel worse than when S Club 7 broke up

+ I’m going to see One Day on Wednesday. I still have issues with Anne Hathaway playing a girl from Leeds, and I’ve heard it’s way more mushy and romantic than the novel, but I feel like I pretty much have to see it after I raved about the book so much. The friend I’m going to see it with only read the book because I practically forced it into her suitcase when she went on holiday. Even if the film continues to bother me, having a film&food date with one of my best mates is definitely A Good Thing.

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