Lazy Sunday Links


+ ‘My Slumbering Heart’ by Rilo Kiley: a lovely lazy Sunday song.

+ I’ve been looking at Hwa Young Jung’s Flickr, where he has a whole album of ‘British Things’ with pictures like the one below. For some reason seeing all these pictures makes me very proud to be English. I’m not usually one for patriotism (for example, I slept through the Royal Wedding and am becoming unbelievably bored of the fash mag circle-jerk surrounding Kate Middleton’s so-called ‘style’) but when it comes to food, I apparently am. Similarly I found these fine art prints which are strangely beautiful.


+ I found an old memory stick and out of boredom read a first-year essay that was saved on it, and remembered how much I loved studying Aemilia Lanyer and Rachel Speght. I love reading all of my old essays and have salvaged a pile from a box that I may keep forever.

+ I loved reading Lil @ a storm in a teacup’s recap of the Green Man festival, and Rosie @ A Rosie Outlook’s post about End of the Road festival. Having been to only one in my whole life (Kendal Calling a few years ago) I feel like I need to expand my festival horizons, and reading these two lovely ladies talk about their experiences has inspired me to look into going to one next year.

+ As someone who is reasonably stupid when it comes to anything that isn’t, you know, feminist rewritings of the story of The Fall, or the opposition between the country and the city in 1930s literature, I was glad to read 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Time.

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