New Clothes

Every time I leave the house lately I seem to be picking up clothes while I’m out.

fornewblogpost080911 013

fornewblogpost080911 015

fornewblogpost080911 006

fornewblogpost080911 009


Shorts, Matalan, £16

Dress, Matalan, £14

Boots, £12, Dorothy Perkins sale

Trousers, £29.50, Dorothy Perkins

I haven’t worn the shorts yet but I couldn’t resist them for such a cheap price. I have no idea yet what I would wear them with so I will be scouring fashion blogs for some inspiration. The dress is pretty basic and very me. It looks a lot better on me than it does on the hanger but for some reason my camera will not co-operate with me (hence the awful photos) so I couldn’t take a picture of myself. I wore it yesterday with berry coloured tights and an owl necklace. The boots are the same colour and shape as a pair that I had at the start of this year and wore to death, with a different pattern on them. I’m still wearing them in at the moment but I can see that I will love them as much as I did the last pair. Finally, I haven’t yet worn the trousers either, but I have a lot of ideas on how to style them. I might give them their first outing when I go to see One Day next Wednesday.

fornewblogpost080911 003


These aren’t new but they are beautiful! I bought the Medusa mirror from the gift shop in the Uffizi gallery in Florence. I thought it looked very cool, and will make me feel a bit better about my own appearance if I’m a bit rough. The Disaster Designs hello beautiful mirror was a birthday gift. So I have gone from having no nice compact mirrors to having two and not being able to decide which to put in my handbag. Typical.

  • What would you wear with brown fake suede shorts?
  • Have you seen One Day yet? Good/bad?

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