Places I Want To Visit (UK)

Having added ‘visit 10 new places in the UK’ to my 30 Before 30 list, I have started thinking of places I would like to go.



I would absolutely love to go to the Edinburgh Fringe next year. I was very tempted to go this year (if only to watch the free shows due to lack of funds) but the date it ended was the date I came back from my holiday to Italy. Failing that, I’d be happy to go at any time.




liverpoolI’ve been once to visit a friend at uni and, while I had a great time, we didn’t spend a lot of time in the city. It’s a city that has a reputation, one that causes certain people to pull a face at the mention of it, but this doesn’t bother me. As someone who lived in Hull for three years and absolutely loved it, I am more than willing to give every city a chance.



I’m absolutely desperate to go to the Christmas market this year, and I’m hoping that Rich will pick up on this and take me. (Rich, if you happen to be reading this… that was a hint.)



My job hunt is steering me towards Manchester (the only city in England with job vacancies other than London… possibly) and I came to the awkward realisation that I had never been, other than to change trains while going somewhere else. It’s so easy to get to (takes about 2hrs, costs about £30) from my nearest train station (Northallerton) that I don’t really have an excuse. Who wants to come with?



Since the days of Sugar Rush, Brighton has appealed to me in the tacky, gaudy way that seaside towns do. I imagine it being like Whitby, but with more of a gay scene. I’m sure it’s not quite like that, but that sounds like a winning combination to me. I have a friend who is starting university there soon so I can only hope she would be happy to accept a visit from me.



Yeah… There are a lot of places I haven’t been. We’ve never really gone on holidays as a family, either at home or abroad. In a way it’s better because it means I get to discover more amazing places while being old enough to appreciate them more, and enjoy them in my own way with no family-imposed restrictions.

  • Where is your favourite place to visit in the UK/in your country?
  • Do you like taking trips in your own country or do you prefer to go abroad?
  • Did you go on many family holidays when you were growing up?

* If I have been to a place before but can’t remember it (presumably due to being too young, not too drunk) or haven’t been sightseeing, I can add it to the list if I visit again

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