Scarves & Jewellery

I have to admit I’m quite a lazy dresser sometimes. When faced with an early morning, a cold day, a lack of time or a hangover, I climb into whatever’s clean and whatever’s comfortable and call it a job done. On days like this, I always feel like I need to do something to stop me from looking like a complete slob.

I could call this post The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Not Looking Like You Turned Up In Your Trackies.

But I won’t.

weekendthe5th 002

weekendthe5th 003

weekendthe5th 004

weekendthe5th 005

justonepiccc 002

First Throw on a) jeans and a vest, b) maxi skirt and loose t-shirt, c) dress and leggings or d) whatever your comfy casual clothes consist of

Second Find a pretty scarf and some quirky jewellery

Third Add a pair of flats, boots or Converse

Ta-da! Now you’re ready to face the day, despite the crippling hangover/imminent 40 minute commute/6:30 start.

1 – Scarf from charity shop, Venetian carnival mask earrings from a market stall in Venice     2 – Scarf from Queen Bead, ring from Etsy     3 – Scarf from a vintage shop, earrings from Dorothy Perkins     4 – Scarf from H&M, brooch from Primark     5 – Scarf from a charity shop, ring from a Body Shop party

2 thoughts on “Scarves & Jewellery

    • Some days putting an outfit together is really fun and other days it’s just a hassle, isn’t it? It’s definitely useful to have nice accessories to make a boring outfit a bit more exciting.

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