September Goals

Even though I am not returning to education, September is the start of the new school year, and is therefore supposed to be the best time to make resolutions.

Here are mine:

  1. Read 5 books
  2. Apply for 2 jobs
  3. Write every day
  4. Save £500
  5. Get my 5-a-day everyday

Admittedly these are very boring goals, but they are achievable and important. I’ll start small this month and in October it might be ‘1. Buy a Ferrari, 2. Move to New York, 3. Become a film star’. Only time will tell.

  • When do you prefer to make resolutions? Or do you not make any?
  • Do you have any goals for the month of September?
  • Do you like your goals to be small, boring and realistic or exciting, wild and only vaguely achievable?

septembergoals 004

4 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. I try to set goals for myself around anytime but New Years’ because I believe that everyone in existence is participating and that might explain why most goals never go through… My September goal was to start re-reading the “Harry Potter” series and I’m happy to say that I started on time. I plan to start reading all of Colette’s work next spring and I’d like to re-read Fernando Pessoa’s “The Book of Disquiet” next fall. As you can see,the only real thing I can commit myself to is reading books. Diets, dress habits, saving money are all too complicated for this “word girl”. Nice posting and good luck;)

    • You have a good point about new year’s resolutions failing because everyone else is making them too. Also the fact that it’s all a big joke that everyone makes them and nobody keeps them makes it easier to give up when it gets hard.

      I like your reading goals! It’s always nice to set yourself challenges because essentially reading is its own reward.

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