Good Things 004

+ Tesco Finest giant cous cous with puy lentils and chipotle chillis. This doesn’t need an explanation, it is just a very good thing. I’ve been eating it spooned over a simple salad with some chunks of Wensleydale cheese and crusty bread. My spin on healthy eating just has to include bread and cheese. Sorry I’m not sorry.

newthings 001

+ I’m 20 books away from reaching my total of 50 books for my Reading Challenge. It sounds like a lot but I have made a list of all the books I want to read and I am pretty excited about getting through them all.

+ I’m in love with charity shops again. 3 shirts and 2 books for under £20? Yes please.

2011-09-01 newthings

+ I’m going to apply for my dream job (one of my dream jobs, whatever) and even though I probably won’t get it, the fact that there are jobs out there that make me excited is definitely a step in the right direction. I’m still really jealous of everyone who is going back to school, but I think I made the right decision in not doing an MA. I think.

+ I’m on a roll with writing. Short stories, blog posts, letters, articles, a diary- you name it, I’m writing it. At least I know I made the right decision in my degree and career plans.

writing 001

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