Italy Part 3: Verona

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Words Verona was incredibly pretty. It seemed a lot more peaceful than the other cities we visited, which I personally enjoyed, being a country bumpkin. There were still a great deal of tourists around (including a horrible gaggle of them who literally barged past me on the bus shouting ‘JULIET’S HOUSE???? JULIET’S HOUSE????’ at the driver) but there seemed to be less hustle and bustle. We went to Juliet’s house, which I liked from an English student perspective, though it still irks me that Romeo & Juliet is heralded as being an amazing love story when it’s just not, really. I stroked Juliet’s boob and got a picture taken but I look like a gremlin in the picture so it’s not going on here. We bought a 2-day Verona card for 15 euros each which was incredibly handy – even though we only went to 4 museums in the end, they would have cost approximately 6 euros each without the card. We had to pay 6 euros to get into the Giusti Gardens because they were privately owned, but it was definitely worth it. They were a lot less effort to walk around in the heat than the Boboli Gardens were, but just as beautiful, if not more. The next morning we went to the Castelvecchio Museum. I thought the building was better than the exhibitions – do we notice a pattern emerging? The building was incredible though. In the afternoon we went to the Natural History Museum. I fell in love with a tiger. The museum staff seemed to be employed to follow you around the place at a short distance, presumably making sure you’re not wrecking the joint, and I don’t think she knew what to do with herself when I stood and stared into a tiger’s eyes for about 15 minutes straight. I had a great time in Verona, and I’m very glad that the Romeo & Juliet angle wasn’t shoved in my face too much. We stayed at B&B Ai Leoni which was really nice.

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