What I Ate in Italy

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Mushroom pizza – Espresso gelato – Kiwi gelato – Lasagne – Some form of pastry filled with marmalade custard – Napoli pizza (cheese, tomato, anchovies) – Insalata Vesuvio – Lemon gelato cake – Pesto pasta and bruschetta – Salad with chicken, black olives, roasted peppers and almonds – Spaghetti carbonara – Tiramisu – Fettucine with prawns, courgettes, tomatoes and garlic – Picnic! – Ravioli with ham and cream – More tiramisu – A 2 euro bottle of bellini while sat by the Grand Canal – Melon granita – A huge, super cheap bottle of Peroni

Now I’m pretty sure I’ll be eating lettuce leaves for the next 10 days to lose the fun chub I have gained.

  • What are your holiday eating habits like?
  • What’s your favourite cuisine? (As in, Italian/Indian and so on)

14 thoughts on “What I Ate in Italy

    • It was delicious! I have no idea what it was called but the filling tasted like marmalade mixed with custard. It was from a pastry shop in Naples near Di Matteo pizzeria if that helps! :)

  1. Well this is a post of yums! I wouldn’t say no to anything! ;) nothing beats a authentic italian pizza! When im on holiday I see it as a food holiday too I like to experience the culture so i try and sample EVERYTHING YUMMEH!

    • Thanks :) Ohhh I know, I’m not sure I can go back to eating English pizza now. It’s definitely best to forgot about healthy eating, dieting, whatever and just eat what the country has to offer.

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  3. I too had a similar experience trying my first sfogliatella riccia in Naples last month – might even have been from the same pastry shop, Carbone’s in a tiny square opposite a baroque church on our way to archaeological museum – sadly even though I count myself as a proficient home baker, it’s a case of don’t try this at home..

    • I can’t remember exactly where it was from. We had tried to go to Di Matteo pizzeria and it was closed, so we wandered down the same street and found a pastry shop, then sat on a bench that might actually have been outside a church. I definitely won’t be trying to make them at home. I just want another and don’t know where to find them in England!

  4. Jealous of that bellini!!!! I had so many when I was in Venice, then I found them in Rome and thought, “I’ll come back.” I could never find that shop again, and I couldn’t find anywhere else that sold them! Prosecco became my new favorite drink after the Venice trip :)

    • I’ve been to Italy twice and been to six cities overall and the food did not disappoint at all :D I love your country, and have huge dreams of living there… but I think I’m too British to cope with the summer heat!

      Thanks :)

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