Italy Part 2: Pompei & Florence

Picture heavy & word light again. Go here for more pictures.

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Words After being told by a woman in the hostel in Naples that Pompei was ‘a bad area to stay’, we had high hopes for ancient Pompei but low hopes for modern Pompei. They both turned out to be amazing, though. The hotel was amazing. I know most people do Pompei as a day trip but I would definitely recommend staying a night in Hotel Diana. While waiting for our room to be ready we sat in the beautiful garden that was shaded with orange trees and were brought a glass of fresh orange juice each. Ancient Pompei was hot and tiring but absolutely breath-taking. We hired an audio guide from the hotel for 10 euros each. We definitely didn’t see all of it but we saw quite a lot, and there were some amazing views. We got the train to Florence the next day. Italian trains are amazing. Air-conditioned, quiet, lots of leg room and they don’t smell. On the first day we saw the Piazza della Signoria and spent a very long time wandering around the Mercato Nuovo, even though all I ended up buying was a 4 euro pashmina which it was far too hot to wear. We saw an incredibly strange man: he had a greasy, lank, jet-black mullet, was wearing quite smart-casual businessy clothes with Converse, and while walking down the street, stopped at every Vespa he came across and checked his hair in the mirror. We watched him walk down one street and he did it about 5 times. Discovered another book bar, which was also closed. Italy hates me. The next day we went to the Uffizi gallery. I thought the gallery itself (as in the building) was amazing, while the artwork was very impressive but not my kind of thing. In the afternoon we went to the Palazzo Pitti, but decided to only pay to see the costume gallery and Boboli Gardens, both of which were fantastic. Managed to tick all but 2 things off my ‘to do in Florence’ list.

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