Italy Part 1: Rome and Naples

This post is going to be quite picture-heavy. However I’m not posting all my holiday photos on here as I think my blog would explode (there are 812 of them). I’ve posted all photos on my personal Facebook page if anybody is interested in seeing them all.

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Words Ryanair staff are incredibly rude and unprofessional. While in the queue to board the plane we overheard two staff talking about how they had dealt with an awkward customer the other day, and then we heard this exchange.

Ryanair Woman #1: Well, was he English?

Ryanair Woman #2: No, he was Spanish.

Ryanair Woman #1: Well exactly. They’re the worst.

I was more than a little gobsmacked that they were having this racist conversation in the earshot of their customers.

On our first day in Rome I was incredibly tired, hot and a little grumpy, but I managed to power through with the help of pizza and gelato. We went to see the Roman ruins, and in the evening the Trevi fountain, which I thought was absolutely incredible. I’ve since heard people say it’s overhyped. I hadn’t heard very much about it before seeing it, and was expecting a normal fountain, so I was absolutely blown away by it. We woke up the next day with big plans to go to the Vatican, but they dissipated as we showered, ate and dressed as we realised the queue would be stretching for miles in the blistering heat. I had a coffee from Sant’ Eustachio, who are apparently hailed by the NY Times as ‘the best coffee in New York’, despite being in Rome, which I thought was pretty funny. We decided to go back to the Trevi fountain, and saw somebody being told off by a police officer for dipping their feet in. Italians take their fountains seriously! On the night we tried to find a book bar called Bibli which was closed. The next day we got the train to Naples. In all honesty, I thought Naples was horrible. I ate some good pizza and went to the National Archaeological Museum, but other than that it was smelly, dirty and quite unpleasant.

Part 2: Pompei & Florence coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Italy Part 1: Rome and Naples

  1. Thank you for this pictures. I have’nt heard much about the Trevi fountain either, but from your description, I have an interest now. I’ll be reading the next post.

    • Thanks :) I feel like my experience of the Trevi fountain was partly amazing because I wasn’t expecting it to be that great, but I’m sure it’d be quite impressive anyway! I have a Pompei & Florence post scheduled for tomorrow, a Verona post scheduled on Thursday and then I should hopefully have the final post about Venice done on Friday.

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