Blogs You Should Read

Hello! When this post appears on my blog I shall be away on my jollies, but I am writing it before I leave. All I have for you today is links to a few of my favourite blogs, and the reasons why they are my faves.

About Face – Not so much a blog as a feminist website. They deal with media issues such as the narrow definition of beauty as portrayed in magazines, what they call a ‘toxic media environment’. There’s a lot of useful, thought-provoking and interesting content on there. I particularly like their gallery of offenders & gallery of winners.

A Little Bird Told Me… – Although it may seem strange to some to go from a feminist website to a fashion blog, Jen herself has written a post on this issue, called Feminism and the Fashion Blogger. She has an amazing sense of style, a great talent for writing and takes brilliant photos.

Blair on a Budget – This girl reads a lot of books, wears a lot of nice trousers. Do I need say any more?

Feministe – Written by a host of feminist bloggers, about a variety of social issues. I don’t know what to say about it other than read it, it is important.

PinkBow – Absolutely gorgeous pictures, whether they are of outfits, scenery, food, or anything else.

SnackFace – One of the first healthy living blogs I ever read, which ended up opening my eyes about what it actually meant to lead a healthy lifestyle. Even though she eats healthy meals and works out, I can read it while I’m in a rut not doing any exercise and eating pizza every day and still relate to it because her infectious personality shows through in her writing. Pretty, funny, honest.

Smart Pretty and Awkward – Each post is made up of three tips: one on how to be smarter, one on how to be prettier, and one on how to be less awkward.

whatever, gatsby – Inspiring quote & picture posts written by an adorable girl.

So, please give these ladies a read, I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do!

  • What are your favourite blogs? Link me, I love finding new things to read!

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