Cold Weather Wardrobe

Another one I’m writing before I go on holiday which will appear while I’m away.

When I return from sunnier climes it will be time to start considering my cold weather wardrobe. This actually fills me with excitement. I know how to dress when it’s cold. Layers, hats, boots, scarves, gloves. Wool and leather. Summer dressing is great but leaves me a little bit lost. Some people know how to throw on a floaty dress and some jewellery and look fantastic. I am not one of these people. When the warm weather rolls round I practically have to be prised out of my coat. I know I’m not alone.

Here’s what I’d like to be wearing for the colder weather.

Dorothy Perkins mustard balloon sleeve dressTopshop grey socksWildfox cape

Unknown pink gloves – Dorothy Perkins grey boots H&M pink midi skirt

Dorothy Perkins berry cardiganH&M patterned scarfModels Own nail varnish

I love me some wooliness. I already own a pair of rather fetching pink leather gloves, quite similar to the ones pictured. They were just what came up when I was looking for a picture and I can’t seem to find out where they’re from. I actually had the grey Dorothy Perkins boots at the start of the year, but had to throw them out because I ran them into the ground by wearing them constantly, both during the day and on wild nights out. This is not a comment on the quality of the boots, I’m just hellbent on destroying every pair of shoes I own. I’ll probably buy them again. The H&M skirt is gorgeous, I love the idea of wearing it with a wooly jumper and some stompy boots. Sparkly nail varnish is just necessary on a cold day.

  • What season’s fashion do you prefer?
  • What will you be wearing in the colder months?

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