Happy 21st Birthday To Me!

I’m currently on my way to London to begin my holiday. I celebrated my birthday over the weekend instead.

I celebrated my birthday in the best way possible – surrounded by some of my favourite people, eating amazing food and then drinking copious amounts of alcohol. The cast of characters included: Holly, bff since our primary school days, Becci, who I have spent many a Sunday spooning while watching SatC, Kerry, my Facebook wife and a very bad influence, Biddy, a sixth form friend who once uttered the immortal words “I wish I was a caravan“, Tom, who prefers to be called Tooooom Spiiink (said like Roooooxaaaaane), and finally Rich, the ol’ ball and chain.

I got some great presents including a variety of bottles of champagne and a travel scrapbook. I haven’t got any full length pictures that I’m willing to share on here but I wore my amazing ASOS smudge print maxi dress

Crab and salmon cake for my starter.Crispy duck leg and oriental salad. The duck was lovely but somehow the salad was the star of the show.

Cupcake made lovingly by Kerry.

The restaurant in question was The Sandpiper Inn in Leyburn, North Yorkshire. Great food, great service. They graciously put up with us despite our insistence on eating cupcakes we had brought ourselves for pudding, and tipsily blowing party horns. Although nobody would allow me to pay, I took a sneaky look at the bill and the price was decent for what we ate.

The evening then descended into drunken chaos which, while fun, was not very photogenic so the photos end here.

  • Tell me about the best birthday you’ve had!
  • What would be your perfect birthday celebrations?

I love to read comments, so please share what's on your mind! I try my best to reply. If you want a quick response to a question please tweet me @emdawgb :)

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