On a lighter, literary note

I really want some literary themed jewellery. I became quite enamoured with daisybutter‘s ampersand necklace, and while searching for one similar on Etsy I found a whole variety of other amazing jewellery, based around books and words.

Vintage typewriter ‘E’ locketArtistic dictionary ringShakespeare stamp necklace

Literary elephant necklaceVirginia Woolf necklaceAlice in Wonderland earrings

These are my favourites. I’ve always secretly liked the idea of initial jewellery, and think this typewriter key necklace would be the perfect way to do it. The ‘artistic’ ring would be a nice thing to flash at people to let them know just how artistic I in fact am. (Joke.) The Shakespeare stamp necklace would be a cool geeky way to show a bit of respect for the man himself.

The literary elephant is bizarre and adorable. The Woolf necklace would be a good way to ward off lecherous men in pubs: ‘I read Virginia Woolf, step away!’ Finally, the Alice in Wonderland earrings are a bit OTT but very cute, just the kind of thing that I like. My hair is short again now so I need some wacky earrings to remind the world I am still a girl.

  • Do you have any interesting jewellery?
  • What’s your favourite that I’ve featured here?

5 thoughts on “On a lighter, literary note

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